How attuned do you feel to today’s Moon Phase?
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It is happening in just 10 minutes!
At 6:47pm CET today we celebrate the Last Quarter of this Moon Cycle at 20° Taurus!

We are at the second crossroad of this lunar month and we are now in between two Worlds:

  1. We look back at the past 3 weeks:
    What is still useful to our growth? Keep It!
    What is now useless? Let it go!
  2. We start becoming clearer with our new commitments/desires for the next cycle.
  3. We declutter to prepare the space for the new and we keep ourselves grounded in the Present moment!

That’s it for this synchronization!
They seem three ease steps but they can be quite intense!

So I leave it up to You …and I’d LOVE to know how you are navigating these days and which emotions you are feeling!
Comment below!

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LOVE & MoonBlessings





Which are your insights for this week’s Love Message?
What does resonate most for You?
Let me know in the comments!



Welcome to a brand New Week!

How are you today after the Lion’s Gate weekend?
The energy has been pretty intense here and I certainly feel renewed vibes running through my veins! I feel more clear with what I desire and more grounded into my desires! Which means I don’t want to hide anymore who I truly am inside! My Inner Fire; my Passions; my Sensuality & Sexuality!

I’ve been misunderstood many times in my life for this “Hot Nature” of mine, specifically with Men, this is what I am talking about. But today I wake up to a new awareness: THE CHOICE IS MINE!

I can be whoever and how-ever I desire & feel deep inside, unapologetically.
The right people will respond with a healthy and vibrant joy to my Nature, understanding immediately that Passion; Desires; Sensuality; Sexuality …are SACRED to me!

Now comes my role. I peacefully can let go of others. And above all, as these things and aspects of who I am are Sacred Material to me, it is up to me to embody this so that it is so crystal clear to those around that there can be no doubt about it.

I enlighten this because it is our own responsibility the way we behave and especially what we choose; who we choose and the golden rules & boundaries we create for ourselves so that our Person and our Life can be honored and respected first of all by ourselves and consequently by others!

Oh, this message comes so straight from my Heart and so authentically!
I hope indeed that You too can feel its true frequency!

I also share it because the core of our Love Message for this week is TRUTH REVEALED WITH EASE.
It is that Truth that we can share so firmly and gently because we know clearly what we want and who we are!
This kind of Truth benefits our Relationships! All of them! With Ourselves; with Spirit; with Family & Friends …
But above all this week I sense that the message goes straight to our LOVE RELATIONSHIP!

It is here that we need to Nourish the Bond; to let our inner world to emerge; to show our truest Heart and to share our deepest feelings giving a sweet & powerful Voice to them! Because LOVE is also about Trust: Trusting that We can experience what we desire; Trusting the unfolding process of creation of our Love Story and Trusting our Partner too!

This way is the way to make it SACRED!!

In case You’ve read until so far without watching the video first …I’ve sown some seeds of this week’s intuitive reading here & there through this post and I now encourage You to PLAY THE VIDEO so the seeds can bloom into Scented Flowers of Wisdom & Truth for You!

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Pouring Sparkling Magick & Miracles upon us
for a LOVE FILLED week!




Let me know how the message resonates for you!



Lion’s Gate is an Energy Portal opening up in the Cosmos from July 26th towards August 12th, each year.
It’s peak of width is TODAY on August 8th!

Imagine two Pillars of Light with a giant golden gate in the centre.
This day the doors of the gate are wide open at the maximum of their ability.
So the maximum of light can pass through the cosmic passage!

This event brings up the powerful numerology of double 8 (August the 8th month; on its 8th day!), where the number stands for the Infinite! Infinite Possibilities. Infinite Expansion. Infinite Growth. Infinite Evolution. Infinite LOVE!!

As it unfolds during the Leo Season there is a strong emphasis on the Heart, its Power, its Authenticity, its Royalty …all aspects of the King Sign, Leo!

And because the super bright Star Sirius, holder of Spiritual Light, rises at the horizon during these days, we are into a threshold of Divine Downloads. New Light Codes are ready to present to us; to descend to us and be embodied by us as we evolve; upgrade; transform and ascend through this portal & awakening experience.

Each one of us will receive the insight/s that we are ready to welcome according to our own evolution at this moment of our life! Journal; notice changes in your attitude, perceptions, feelings & thoughts; observe YourSelf and Your behaviors …I encourage You to LIVE FULLY NOW and double check with Your report/s and YourSelf on August 13th and throughout the end of this powerful month: How have You changed?

In today’s intuitive reading I gift you with some extra guidance from the Oracles, so that you can receive the Love Message you need to hear to feel supported in this intense passage and so that you can stay on track with what counts more than anything NOW, in our NEWBORN LOVE ERA: YOUR HEART & ITS POWER!!

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Before to go …here’s an extra magickal gift for You! I love to share my “in progress” Lion’s Gate Talisman!! It is still unfinished as I intuitively create in layers and it has now asked me to pause, before to witness the next layers … ENJOY!!
You can use it to tune into Your Heart and focus on its power! Just stare at it hands on your physical Heart and believe! Feel the Expansion! Act according to the guidance that you receive!


That’s all for today!
Bright Blessings, beloved!!
Roar Your Divine Essence!!





BE (THE) PRESENT! Aquarius Full Moon Attunement & Love Guidance, August 3rd


We need to come back INTO PRESENT;
stop escaping in the past or in the future!

Our Body holds the way to ground us
as He/She’s the Temple of Ancient Wisdom!


As we focus on being Here/Now
we can be just happy & grateful
for the value and uniqueness of this experience!


This process of becoming our own Present (Gift)
allows us to bring balance amongst the several
areas of our life.


And then we can finally staring at the bright horizon
with the awareness of where we have arrived so far
and where we are ready to arrive next!



It’s the moment of the Lunar Cycle
to shine bright and to be authentically us
on the stage of life, with that special original glow
which only we have!!

These are the vibes of today’s Full Moon
which combines the frequencies of
the Futuristic Aquarius with the Warm Heart of Leo!


To ignite them both (and much more!!)
the Heartstorming Experience is opening the doors
again on August 4th, with the LIVE version!!
Yes! I’ll be there, PRESENT,  with & for You!
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Have a bright week!