Another month is almost gone! Can you believe it?!?!
We are at the end of this February and I’d love to complete it in Beauty!

There has been so much transformation and growth for all of us, for me it was in particular on the relationship with MYSELF and so with my partner & money …because it’s all the same Energy! For so much evolution we deserve a reward!!

February is the month of the Heartstorming for me, as I received it on February 2nd back in 2017! So the whole month has been dedicated to it! I’ve shared one first live round; opened the private group program; offered a few VIP spots to go through it on a 1-0-1 level …and today I have ONE LAST TREAT!!

I have decided to gift ONE of you with one more VIP SPOT 50 %OFF, ONLY FOR THE NEXT 12 HOURS, until 11:59pm Italy (CET)!! And then from March we will start the thrilling ride across the lands of Love!!

I feel so excited to witness the magnificent transformation we’ll go through!!
I welcome you open arms into this adventure of the Heart!
The only thing you need to do is to contact me privately NOW, first to apply and to be accepted, first to go!!

The Heartstorming is a lifechanging & heartshaking experience that will allow you to face your purest truth and to embody it in your daily life starting from yourself and expanding in all areas of your existence …relationships; career; Body …etc …etc …

LOVE NOTE: this offer is available only privately by talking to me. These are spots that I limitedly open when Source guides me to do so.

Grab this unique opportunity NOW!!


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Hello Powerful Heart!

It has been a while since the last time I wrote You!
I had all kind of delays and challenges: technical, physical, astrological …

After a month I finally have access to my computer and I can share this post!
I am grateful for this as I love writing and connecting to You!

I am here today to share great news with You! 
I feel very proud and satisfied of the first live round which I have shared publicly on my Facebook!
I have decided to offer one first lesson to my audience so that You can have a taste of what the Heartstorming is (even though there is much more to savor, the video is indeed less than the tip of the iceberg!!) and then make the heartfelt choice to join us for the whole path!! Have a look here now to the First Round and have your Heart Activation triggered by it!! 

As said in the video, these are the last 24 hours to enroll for a very special investment that I’ve kept available just because of all the tech issues I’ve had …in fact I couldn’t promote as planned! From Monday, February 22nd the investment will double and I’ll keep sharing the Heartstorming privately only for those who have enrolled!! So act NOW, click here to join us!!

When you join you get:
• instant and lifelong access to the Heartstorming Ecourse with activations, meditations, exercises, a shamanic journey and tons of Divine Wisdom to tune into Love Energy, Open Your Heart, trigger your Authenticity …(value €888)
• the ebook “I feel My Heart” (value € 11,11)
• permission to join the Private Facebook Group for support

This is a group program which activates Your Heart Centre; allows You to face the Truth of Your Core Essence and gives You Strength & Courage to embody it in Your daily life and with the World around You on an Individual & Collective base.

The more I keep going on this path the more I align myself with who I truly am and I desire the same for You too, so that all together we can rise and live a Life and a World which feels and IS like heaven!!

Also the more I proceed on this path of shedding the heavy, old armor built around our purest self, the more I witness how much we need to return to our Heart; remembering our Emotional Nature and the power of our Humanity which lies its foundations in Love; Touch; Physicality; Uniqueness; Freedom of SelfExpression …WE HAVE NEVER NEEDED THE HEARTSTORMING LIKE TODAY!! THIS IS THE PERFECT DIVINE INSTANT TO JOIN US!! ACT NOW!!

Sending You all the Love You need to make this choice!!

Hugs & Blessings




I share with you this message of hope as we enter this brand new part of our journey!
I asked Universe for divine guidance to start it and it delivered it through a magickal card of my deck The Magick Path …MIRACLE!

Beyond awakening us to our Miraculous Nature and to the uncountable Miracles that unfold 24/7 around us, this card comes as a good omen to say EXPECT MIRACLES!!

The first step is to recognize the Miracles withIN and withOUT us, to open our eyes and our senses to them, THEN we unlock the gates to the flow of more & more Miracles to enter and bless our lives!!

Have a New Year filled of LOVE!!

When you desire further guidance on your WHOLE 2021, month by month from January to December, I am passionately working on Personal New Year’s Readings these first ten days of January! CONTACT ME HERE NOW to reserve your spot or BOOK DIRECTLY FROM HERE and write me a note at the end of transaction specifying it is for your 2021 reading! Act NOW before the investment will rise on Jan.11th!!


Dawning the The New Aquarian Age

” When the Moon is almost First Quarter,
the Winter/Summer Solstice
is finally here
and Jupiter aligns with Saturn
at 0° Aquarius …

This is the dawning
of The Age of Aquarius!!

Peace now guides the Planet
and Love stirs the Stars
Harmony and Understanding
No more falsehood or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
and mind’s true liberation.

Open up Your Heart
and let the Sunshine IN!

Aquarius …Aquarius … “
this is now!

It’s incredible to be here
to witness this moment
we have been preparing
for generations and generations!


It moves me to be alive in this moment
and feel the TOGETHERNESS!
But it also awakens me to the fact that

“Let the Sunshine in”
I’ve been singing this song so many times …
one of my favorite …
I used it to call the Sun in rainy days …
and now I get to live it!!

May this awareness, this rebirth, this illumination
we are experiencing today
live & vibrate in our Hearts FOREVER from now on!

Today …today I renewed my website for the 8th time!
I find it so symbolic that silviacamerini.com rebirths itself
on the Winter/Summer Solstice!!
This is Re-Affirmation of my Sacred Work in the World
and I get to share it with You!!

Today …today in the Northern Hemisphere from which I am writing
it is the longest night of the year …so we lit the candles to celebrate
HOPE even in the darkest moments …we lit the candles to say Yes! again
to the Light, the light of our Rebirth!!

We are Rebirthing!
We are Dawning ourselves!
Individually and as a Global Community!

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn
shapes a super bright STAR (The Star of Bethlehem)
in OUR SKY, visible from each place of the Planet …
there is so much LIGHT today …
The Light of the Christmas/Bethlehem Star
The Lights of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere
The Lights of Winter in the Northern one
The Light of our Inner Divinity
The Light of Awareness & Truth
which has been switched on within us
during this incredible year 2020 …

May we all radiate Light and be the Light
bringing our splendor and our authenticity
wherever we are!!

This is also the Heart of the Heartstorming
and it gives me shivers to see how
what I saw/heard/experienced almost 4 years ago …
it’s unfolding NOW!!

Blessed Great Conjunction’s Solstice!!

In Joy,