Second Chance


Today I watched “The Best of Me” a movie inspired by the same novel of Nicholas Sparks.
Well I knew it would have been intense! I am still feeling the power of the Solar Eclipse, last Monday. So I am particularly emotional these days …

This touching Love Story gifted me with one clear message:
“We don’t get a second chance in life”.

Every chance we have is unique as Life is so changeable that each circumstance, situation, meeting, relationship …is a one time only opportunity.

We believe we have second chances, sometimes. However they are unique opportunities coming to us with different details. We change day after day, so Life does. We are different today than the person we were yesterday, a week ago, a year ago …so do you perceive how renewed and changed we are when we get a “second chance in disguise”?

We are called to seize the day; to grab the opportunities that Life offers us; to live intensely …especially when it comes to LOVE!

I am so profoundly impressed because these days I am receiving several signs from Universe and they all bring me back to the same path …the Heartstorming!

This is a time of my life during which I often feel emptied, confused, disoriented …I have been shedding so much lately that – truly – almost all the things that I had created in my have been deconstructed, demolished, shaken to ground zero.

Well, fine. I accept it, completely. I know that just the essential stays with me, the rest fades away to leave room to something better; something more powerful; something more aligned to my sacred core.

This that I am sharing with You it is exactly the essence of the Heartstorming!
These are just a few of the topics we explore and deepen in the Heartstorming!
Each moment is unique and speed is required to grab it. When You live from the Heart you have that speed because the Heart knows already (what to do, choose, say …); it doesn’t need time to understand and decide whether something is good or worthed enough to choose it. This is the mind. The mind needs time to consider what’s best. The Heart knows it already!

…so: speed! Seize the day!

And then, when it comes to Love: say “I love You” when you deeply feel it within you. There’s no good reason to wait or to stop yourself to share with whom you truly Love your true Love. That’s the mind. The Heart is bold and nothing can stop its authentic ardor!

WOW! This is pure Heartstorming in action! I am soooo glad it keeps on coming back to me, encouraging me to share it with the World; to keep promoting it and speaking to people about Love and the power of our Hearts!

Find out more about the Heartstorming Path and grab the unique opportunity to step into it, now! Carpe Diem!


~ Silvia


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