Women’s Day Gift!! Reserved to WOMEN ONLY.

Happy Women’s Day from us!!

Serena my daughter and I.

What an intense week this is for me, how about yours?!
I’ve got several things stirring in my cauldron!!
The Wheel of Magick’s doors are open for you to enter the Moonifesting Experience and I am promoting the event!

When I pulled the cards for this week on Monday and they shown the Feminine Rising, I forgot that today we would have celebrated the International Women’s Day!! I repeat infinitely that cards are absolutely magickal and superpowerful!! Love Them!!

Jupiter starts its retrograde journey in Scorpio today for the next four months …more about it later!

So, so , so. Back on here & now.

I aim to more support and alliance amongst Women and I want to embody what I preach.
Therefore today I have reserved a special gift for all my fellow Women around the World!

Book one oracle session with me and get one as a gift!

This is huge! You get a couple of hours of mystical, motivational, transformational oracle coaching!

You can choose between a topic of your interest or a Love reading.
We go through your session exploring what you need and then we arrange our second appointment.

These sessions mean a lot to me as you get my most magickal and intuitive self with them.
I also experience my clients’ shifts DURING these sessions, so I know they are very powerful to support your metamorphose.

I am so excited to work with YOU!!

You get all the details when You click the links here below:
CLICK HERE NOW to book your oracle session (topic of your choice).
CLICK HERE NOW to book your love oracle session.

I am honored to be a Woman in this life.
Have a blessed Women’s Day!

Silvia )O(


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