Coaching and Doula’s Support: Taking an empowering stand.

I started my coaching practice as Pregnancy-ChildBirth-PostPartum Coach & Doula.
These are my fondations.

I supported Mothers to achieve their desired experience of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood
as I believe each Woman has the right to live them as She loves
and because I am passionate about Manifesting!

Although now I have expanded my manifesting coaching
working with people who are committed to their greatness,
I am still active as Coach & Doula with Mothers …AND:
I’ve noticed a pattern!

I am a very committed student and pratictioner of the Manifesting realms
so I’ve decided to take a stand and shift that “old story”
in order to empower myself and therefore my clients …YOU!

In this short video (7 mins) here below I unfold all the details!
Play it now!

Let me know which is your experience in regards of receiving Coaching & Doula’s support.
Have you enjoyed it? Have you consider it? What’s your choice?

To work privately with me during YOUR pregnancy, childbirth and post partum CLICK HERE, now!

Silvia •)O(•


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