Blessed Ostara!

March 21st, 2018

Happy SpringEquinox!
Happy Ostara!

Today we celebrate Equality in our world of dualities.
A same quality/same value way to consider the subject.

Masculine & Feminine.
Day & Night.
Sun & Moon.
Beginnings & Endings.
Yin & Yang.
Dark & Light.
Gods & Goddesses …and so on.

Especially, today is the opportunity to experience Equilibrium WITHIN ourselves.

Between our rational & emotional parts;
between our activeness & receptiveness;
between what we love & what we feel disaligned with …and so on.

How does Peace make us feel?

How is it to be in a state of flow where we simply allow what IS to BE (without the need to change it)?

A day to refuel ourselves with Unconditional Love,
in order to start again tomorrow from a new perspective.

Happy New Season wherever you are in the Planet;
whatever this means for You.



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