How attuned do you feel to today’s Moon Phase?
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It is happening in just 10 minutes!
At 6:47pm CET today we celebrate the Last Quarter of this Moon Cycle at 20° Taurus!

We are at the second crossroad of this lunar month and we are now in between two Worlds:

  1. We look back at the past 3 weeks:
    What is still useful to our growth? Keep It!
    What is now useless? Let it go!
  2. We start becoming clearer with our new commitments/desires for the next cycle.
  3. We declutter to prepare the space for the new and we keep ourselves grounded in the Present moment!

That’s it for this synchronization!
They seem three ease steps but they can be quite intense!

So I leave it up to You …and I’d LOVE to know how you are navigating these days and which emotions you are feeling!
Comment below!

Of course for further Divine Guidance & Support, WATCH THE MOONMAGICK VIDEO NOW!!


Before to say goodbye …
This is the moment of the cycle when I open the doors to my Talismoon Membership!
Sign up now to start co-creating with the Power of the Moon and Your personal Creative Source!!


LOVE & MoonBlessings



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