I can’t believe that MORE THAN A MONTH is already gone since my last blog-post!!

I’ve been busy indeed creating the upgraded version of my Oracle Deck!!
And then I felt like taking a resting pause from all the creative work!!
And finally my Birthday came too and I had to sip all the magickal energy of those days!!

So here I am today at the dawn of a new POWER-FILLED week!!
We are shifting into a new month these days!
We have entered the transformative Scorpio Season!
We have a Full Moon upcoming!
Also Halloween is around the corner!!

We may feel lost in this hectic turmoil …however Spirit comes to show its support and to make sure that we find our way towards our True North!

All we have to do is TRUST and DANCE with the Love that is everywhere!

For Your private reading CLICK HERE NOW!

Wishing Us All a Magickal Week plenty of Miracles!


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