Hello Powerful Heart!

It has been a while since the last time I wrote You!
I had all kind of delays and challenges: technical, physical, astrological …

After a month I finally have access to my computer and I can share this post!
I am grateful for this as I love writing and connecting to You!

I am here today to share great news with You! 
I feel very proud and satisfied of the first live round which I have shared publicly on my Facebook!
I have decided to offer one first lesson to my audience so that You can have a taste of what the Heartstorming is (even though there is much more to savor, the video is indeed less than the tip of the iceberg!!) and then make the heartfelt choice to join us for the whole path!! Have a look here now to the First Round and have your Heart Activation triggered by it!! 

As said in the video, these are the last 24 hours to enroll for a very special investment that I’ve kept available just because of all the tech issues I’ve had …in fact I couldn’t promote as planned! From Monday, February 22nd the investment will double and I’ll keep sharing the Heartstorming privately only for those who have enrolled!! So act NOW, click here to join us!!

When you join you get:
• instant and lifelong access to the Heartstorming Ecourse with activations, meditations, exercises, a shamanic journey and tons of Divine Wisdom to tune into Love Energy, Open Your Heart, trigger your Authenticity …(value €888)
• the ebook “I feel My Heart” (value € 11,11)
• permission to join the Private Facebook Group for support

This is a group program which activates Your Heart Centre; allows You to face the Truth of Your Core Essence and gives You Strength & Courage to embody it in Your daily life and with the World around You on an Individual & Collective base.

The more I keep going on this path the more I align myself with who I truly am and I desire the same for You too, so that all together we can rise and live a Life and a World which feels and IS like heaven!!

Also the more I proceed on this path of shedding the heavy, old armor built around our purest self, the more I witness how much we need to return to our Heart; remembering our Emotional Nature and the power of our Humanity which lies its foundations in Love; Touch; Physicality; Uniqueness; Freedom of SelfExpression …WE HAVE NEVER NEEDED THE HEARTSTORMING LIKE TODAY!! THIS IS THE PERFECT DIVINE INSTANT TO JOIN US!! ACT NOW!!

Sending You all the Love You need to make this choice!!

Hugs & Blessings


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