Another month is almost gone! Can you believe it?!?!
We are at the end of this February and I’d love to complete it in Beauty!

There has been so much transformation and growth for all of us, for me it was in particular on the relationship with MYSELF and so with my partner & money …because it’s all the same Energy! For so much evolution we deserve a reward!!

February is the month of the Heartstorming for me, as I received it on February 2nd back in 2017! So the whole month has been dedicated to it! I’ve shared one first live round; opened the private group program; offered a few VIP spots to go through it on a 1-0-1 level …and today I have ONE LAST TREAT!!

I have decided to gift ONE of you with one more VIP SPOT 50 %OFF, ONLY FOR THE NEXT 12 HOURS, until 11:59pm Italy (CET)!! And then from March we will start the thrilling ride across the lands of Love!!

I feel so excited to witness the magnificent transformation we’ll go through!!
I welcome you open arms into this adventure of the Heart!
The only thing you need to do is to contact me privately NOW, first to apply and to be accepted, first to go!!

The Heartstorming is a lifechanging & heartshaking experience that will allow you to face your purest truth and to embody it in your daily life starting from yourself and expanding in all areas of your existence …relationships; career; Body …etc …etc …

LOVE NOTE: this offer is available only privately by talking to me. These are spots that I limitedly open when Source guides me to do so.

Grab this unique opportunity NOW!!



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