NEW PODCAST! Ep.1, Sacral Drawing

A couple of days ago I received the clear input to share with my Voice the messages I channel.
The World is ready to hear and to listen to more Sounds.
The Power of the Voice is important now for our Ascension!

I followed my Intuition as usual …
When we shut off one or more of our senses, the others are enhanced!
So, when we close our physcal eyes, we start perceiving a variety of shades; flavours; sensations; etc …that with our eyes open we couldn’t see.
Then The Podcast Sacral Connetion was born!
I am happy to release the First Episode, Sacral Drawing, through which we explore what we can experience beyond our planned schedules, when we open up to the possibility of something different, that may have a deeper purpose for us …

I’d love to know how Episode 1 resonated for you! Leave a comment here below or below the podcast in my YouTube Channel below the podcast! …and Subscribe to it Now to receive all the notifications of the new uploads as soon as I post them!


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