MAMA AYA, Sacral Connection Podcast Ep.6

This week I’ve been called to talk to You through the Power of Sounds, so I have a special podcast to share with you.

Make sure to be undisturbed as you listen to it and to ground in the here & now at the end of the audio eating a grain of salt and drinking some water.

In fact we go on a Shamanic Journey, channeled for You!

Our Spirit meets Mama Aya, from the Womb to the Heart, in an experience which is both grounding and elevating! Spiritual and Terrestrial to the core!

Let’s immerse in our Shamanic adventure! In Episode 6 we travel lulled, scattered and embraced by Mystic Sounds! Play the video here below NOW to enter this captivating podcast! 

How does this Episode resonate with you?
Let me know! Leave a comment here below or below the Podcast in my YouTube Channel, so that we can ignite the conversation!
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In today’s Podcast I’ve mentioned again the Heartstorming Experience as we have a special Shamanic Journey included into it too! I am looking forward to welcoming you into the whole Heartstorming process!!



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