When I create my Art I am The Art Messenger!
In fact my paintings come with a specific
message during the creative process.
They act as Talismans!
The are living Art, that reminds the owners
something that is ignited each time they stare at the artwork.

My Art is the tangible result of the Heartstorming
being activated on me!
My Artistic core essence has been reawakened through it
and as a vow to my authenticity
I can only express it into the World.

I do paint honoring the Intuitive Process of opening up
to the Canvas and making myself a conduit
for Life Force to express itself through me.
It is not about what I desire to rapresent in my artpiece
it is all about trusting Creative Force,
listening to her whispers and following her guidance!
Such an amazing metaphor
for how we should dance with Life itself!!

Back to my Intuitive Visionary ART …
I am available for Custom Orders!

I do connect with Your Energy and Source
and then I start creating.
I can’t tell you which will be the final result …
when you choose to trust too as I do
well, I bet you’ll be amazed!!

All the time ART speaks to a very deep (and often hidden)
part of ourselves so colors, shapes, images, words …
can trigger profound emotions and
Your High Energy Talisman Painting becomes
a Magnet of Truth, for your Heart & Soul to be activated
everyday – everytime you look at it and
establish a connect to it!!

It is a thrilling subtle transformation of YOU
that goes on since the moment you decide
to order your unique piece and to open up
to receiving what’s in store for your growth!

What else?! …aren’t you keen to discover
what that magick is for You?

To request Your Custom Order, fill in this form NOW!
Remember that you can also order a Talisman as a gift!
Just place your desired request here below

These are some of my Intuitive Visionary Paintings, enjoy them!

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