As a Visionary, Intuitive, Mystic Artist I do receive inspirations from Your Core Essence & special messages from Source when I connect to You to draw or paint a portrait!

Art is also about FREEDOM! Freedom of Self-Expression and enjoyment of the results when we unleash our creativity!!

So, here are the artworks that emerge when I stare at one picture of your choice and start the creative process.

Do not expect a traditional portrait, instead expect the unexpected!

The Portrait is a digital product that you can print and/or use
on any electronic device and social medias. ORDER IT NOW!
With it you also receive YOUR UNIQUE MESSAGE
that will speak to your Heart & Soul
to deepen your self-awareness and for your personal growth!

It’s a sweet yet profound and powerful sacred artistic work
that allows you to receive what the Divine Part of You
has to communicate to you.
It’s about being open to being amazed by ART and
to connecting deeper with your inner world!!

Order your favorite custom core essence portrait, now!
It is a magnet for your Heart & Soul to receive
a very specific message that unleashes their potential
every time you stare at them.

In order to create Your Core Essence Portrait send me your favorite picture
of YourSelf or of the Person you are gifting the portrait to.
Email the file to

So excited to start creating for You!!

Here are the feedbacks I’ve got from the protagonists:

It was amazing! Thank You and the message made so much sense! Would recommend it to anyone! You were really spot on and I love the fun of your portrait! -GISELE

Thank You so much for my crazy portrait and intuitive message which was spot on! -SUSAN

It’s lovely! I can really see myself in it! Beautiful message and such a wonderful reminder! It could not have come at a better time! -JENNIFER

Thank You for the awesome portrait and for the kind advice!-HÅKAN