This is a bundle of 4 Classes for You to learn my INTUITIVE ART PROCESS and be able to produce your artworks whenever you feel the call to dive into creativity or on a daily basis as a soothing balm and replenishing self care ritual!

ART is a gentle and powerful catalyst of changes for individuals and the collective, more than we can imagine! That’s why I am so pleased to share what I’ve embodied in the past years through my own experience of re-awakening my Inner Artistic Muse!! 

My Art is Unique to me. It is my original form of creative expression. For the colors I choose, the messages I receive through it, the personal way I have to paint. The same goes for you. You will amaze yourself when you’ll discover your creative unique expression.

The process I follow is very simple (yet profound!) and can be replicated, obviously YOUR OWN STYLE!! So blend these two aspects together, a simple process that can be applied to your style and the magick is done!

Here you can see some of the layers of my Intuitive Process. I love to take “pictures in motion” of them meanwhile they are still in progress. They show clearly the trance-state we will enter, where everything is possible, without restrictions!

These sessions will allow you to let go the attachment to be who-ever or what-ever or how-ever you believe you should be. These sessions will liberate you from constricted visions of yourself. They will give you the freedom to move, choose, declare Your Purest Heart’s Call. The canvas or paper are judgement-free holders and benevolent witnesses of your Creative Life Force in Action!!


We meet on Zoom once a week for a total of 4 Classes on an average of 60-75 minutes.
Recordings will be sent to you.

As you work on your creative process with my guidance, I’ll in parallel intuitively draw a symbol with a custom quote for you according to the frequencies that I’ll get from our gathering. At the end of each session I’ll share it with you so that you can receive extra divine support during your journey in between of them.

I am so looking forward to BE ASTONISHED by your works of Art!!