In the transition from May to June I felt an Energy Shift! Spirit Guides were clear with their message and my Priorities simply shifted.

Now THE FOCUS IS ON ART & MY ORACLES, which are an expression of my Art & Intuitive Powers!! I am so delighted to offer You 4 more SPOTS for my INTUITIVE ART SESSIONS 50% OFF!! I enjoy very much these one-on-one calls with You and I have to say that I’ve seen YOU to enjoy them too! There is a part of FUN involved in them beyond Creativity! … and we all need to relax, connect, awaken to our Inner Magick!

During the session you:
– learn a replicable process to create your own intuitive piece of Art
– work with creative & sexual energy AKA Sacral Chakra
– awaken Your Inner Natural Born Artist
– liberate yourself, have some fun, connect to your Creative Source
… and more, also according to the intuitive insights which I will receive as I connect with Your Frequencies and channel custom support for You!
– An Oracle Drawing is also included to seal the session.


I am looking forward to sharing our Sacred, Creative, Intuitive Session!
Offer valid until 11:59pm CET on Sunday, June 6th 2021 or until spots available.
Reserve NOW our special gathering!


2021, Podcast

ASCENSION & SELFCARE – New Podcast & 48Hour Offer for the Heartstorming LIVE!!

Where are you on your Ascension Journey? …are you aware that you are ascending? …have you ever felt any symptom that can be related to your growth & expansion on this Earth as Spiritual Being?

Let’s dive into today’s podcast to understand better all that I am talking about and to pay closer attention to how we can dance with our Life’s Progression! Play the video below NOW!!

As mentioned above and in this episode, we are getting ready to begin a new round of The Heartstorming LIVE Experience!! The super Early Bird offer expired some hours ago …now You can still join us with a juicy investment before it will definitely rise on Monday!!

>> You can step into the path NOW with the one time only investment!

>> Or You can choose the 2 easy installment option!
(one NOW and the second at the end of June!)

I am looking forward to welcoming You in the group programe during which you’ll enjoy:
– 12 Hearstorming Rounds LIVE with me
– life long access to the ecourse version with all the bonuses
– my personal support along the path
– huge doses of awakening, growth, expansion, LOVE …and much much MORE!!

To know even more about The Heatstorming Experience CLICK HERE NOW, you will be re-directed to the presentation page with more detailed info on the path. Alternatively, when you prefer to know more about it directly from Me, watch this video now!

We officially start on June 1st, so grab the offer now before it will rise again on Monday, you have only 48 hours left!!

>> Step into the path NOW with the one time only investment!

>> Or choose the 2 easy installment option!

You can invite friends to the experience or anyone you know who may benefit from this path! Forward this letter to Them/Him/Her now!! EVERY 4 PEOPLE I GIVE 1 FREE SPOT AWAY as Gratitude Treat for Your Presence! So, in case You are a small group you can share a percentage of the Treat or you can reserve the free spot for You or a BFF!!




The deep Inner Work I am going through lately asked me to open the doors to The Heartstorming Experience LIVE once more!!

I usually share it a few times a year and now it is that moment!
Heartstorming LIVE means that You are going to enjoy live calls WITH ME!!
You are going to receive my Presence, Support and Guidance along the whole process!!

We start June 1st!!
And now until Friday, for the next 48Hours, You have the chance to join the group programe at the same investment of the e-course version!! Which is simply outstanding considering that the full investment will be tripled by Monday!!

Here is what the offer includes:
– 10 Heartstorming Rounds
– 2 Further Rounds one at the beginning of the journey one at the end of it to access where you are and to celebrate your path & commit to the next steps
– lifelong access to the ecourse with all its bonuses (ebook, extra exercises & audios)
– My Personal Support through the whole experience
– will stay together once a week via live calls + messages/posts

I have broadcasted a special video where I explain to You the Power & Beauty of this experience which was gifted to me from Source 4 years ago!! PLAY IT NOW!!

This is your super opportunity to answer the call of Your Heart & Truest Self to finally embody who you came here to be!! Enroll today, The Heartstorming is calling You aloud!! Click the button here below now to take The Jump!! Remember you have ONLY 48 HOURS to grab the Early Bird Offer. On Saturday the investment will double and on Monday it will triple!! JOIN US NOW!!

Sending LOVE!
I am looking forward to igniting a new Heartstorming Experience with You & for You!!


MAMA AYA, Sacral Connection Podcast Ep.6

This week I’ve been called to talk to You through the Power of Sounds, so I have a special podcast to share with you.

Make sure to be undisturbed as you listen to it and to ground in the here & now at the end of the audio eating a grain of salt and drinking some water.

In fact we go on a Shamanic Journey, channeled for You!

Our Spirit meets Mama Aya, from the Womb to the Heart, in an experience which is both grounding and elevating! Spiritual and Terrestrial to the core!

Let’s immerse in our Shamanic adventure! In Episode 6 we travel lulled, scattered and embraced by Mystic Sounds! Play the video here below NOW to enter this captivating podcast! 

How does this Episode resonate with you?
Let me know! Leave a comment here below or below the Podcast in my YouTube Channel, so that we can ignite the conversation!
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In today’s Podcast I’ve mentioned again the Heartstorming Experience as we have a special Shamanic Journey included into it too! I am looking forward to welcoming you into the whole Heartstorming process!!