Hi, I am Silvia and I am an Artist!
Through my Art everything unfolds!

My artworks are Talismans.
Living creatures that, like an emitting magnet,
speak daily to their owners with their unique message;
reminding them what’s important
for their personal evolution.

Catalyst of deep inner transformation;
profoundly embodying my mystic Nature;
I support Humans to connect to the True Voice
of their Core Essence, so that they express it
authentically into the World!

This process, the Heartstorming, awakens people
to the power of their Hearts and
allows Humanity to transition from
a mind centered lifestyle to a heart centered one!

I am also an Intuitive Oracle Reader and Creatrix!
I have created my own deck which I use
in my powerful consultations.

Oracles are a pivotal part of my sacred work.
They are the Portals which connect
Universe’s Voice through me to You!


Choosing me as your Mentor
is choosing
YOU as the centre of Your Life
in the sign of SelfLove & Joy!