The Divine is speaking out loud telling us to only focus on our Union & its Magick, letting go all the rest! We are called to recognize that unifying our Magicks together as Sacred Couple we become more powerful. This Power is what the New World needs from us!! We have to be bold and…… Read more


    I felt it was the perfect moment to share a channeled message of support to our ascension journey asking to Master Jesus for His guidance. He appeared happy to deliver His wisdom and his devoted TwinFlame companion Mary Magdalene came through too. It was such a blessing! On this high vibes days, whatever our creed,…… Read more

  • Ascended Master Jesus’ Blessed Visit

    This is a very special reading that I share for our MoonMagick!These days we are also travelling though the Holy Week, regardless our religious creed & habits, when we are awakened and attuned to cosmic energy we can feel the Presence of Spirit in its various forms. Well, today something happened during the reading. Ascended…… Read more

  • MAGICKAL HAND: Awaken the Magician within!

    A new channeled symbol came to me from the Divine Realms and its message it’s clear!!It’s our moment to recognize that a Magician lives within us and to become that Magician 100%!! We are asked to make Magick a practical daily act to be devoted to.We are asked to embody Magick with confidence in everything…… Read more

  • Growth & Gratitude Spiral: March’s Oracle Review

    As this month of March is completing itself we look at what we have learnt, what we have experienced, what we have welcomed in our life. In other words we acknowledge our growth and we give Thanks for the cycle of Wisdom that we have walked. The Oracle supports this phase of the process with…… Read more


    Today we celebrate the Spring Equinox and the Sabbath of Ostara! So the beginning of a new life is well marked. Furthermore we also have the New Moon in Aries which beyond blessing a new lunar cycle, also stands for the start of a new astrological year! WOW so much bright energy in the air!!…… Read more