• Sexuality & Body’s Wisdom plus Oracle Guidance and Black Friday Special offer!!

    The past two weeks have been very challenging on a physical level! I had to deal with a severe low back pain that forced me to slow down A LOT!! Getting dressed; waking up from the bed; walking …the simplest things were a true adventure and I had to: 1) ask for help; 2) change…… Read more

  • The Power of Scorpio – New Moon Guidance (Nov.18th, 2017)

    That time of the year when we are called to dig deep within ourselves and purge whatever is standing between us and our next step of evolution …is here! This is the power of the Scorpio! It’s ON now! With Scorpio it’s all about the depths of our beings. It’s finding the truest truth that…… Read more

  • Taurus Full Moon November 4th, 2017 – Trends & Tarot Guidance

    Happy Full Moon in Taurus (11°58′ at 7:22 am CET)! This is the culmination phase of the lunar cycle it can be a time of victory or failure. We now physically see if the seeds we have planted at the beginning of the cycle (with the New Moon) are blooming or not. Both cases we…… Read more

  • Love does Miracles

    Since I got the message to become an Actress, last Summer, I started to watch movies. All the movies that I hadn’t watched in the last 12 years …yes! it is this long. For years I didn’t go to the cinema neither I watched movies as I decided to be without TV at home. Now…… Read more

  • Lifechanging Hurricane

    Here I am back after a couple of months! I’ve just checked my last post dated August 24th, 2017. Time flies! In these two months I moved; I dedicate myself to a new job; I took a break from my coaching services questioning myself about the value and the meaning of all that I share…… Read more

  • Second Chance

    Today I watched “The Best of Me” a movie inspired by the same novel of Nicholas Sparks. Well I knew it would have been intense! I am still feeling the power of the Solar Eclipse, last Monday. So I am particularly emotional these days … This touching Love Story gifted me with one clear message:…… Read more