• The Magick Path: a dream manifested!

    When I handle The Magick Path and I stare at its cards everytime it reminds me of my creation power! Three years ago I didn’t even know about Oracle Cards! Then one day I saw a friend’s post on Facebook, it shared an Oracle Card by Colette Baron-Reid! I liked it; I clicked on the…… Read more

  • Authenticity, Love, Alignement …WHY?! (plus Oracle Friday!)

    We are talking more and more about Authenticity, Love, Light, being aligned, expansion, heart’s desires …Why?! We have just passed the threshold of the New World and here it’s all different from the World we came from. This new place nurtures itself with a new food that we are called to plant and cultivate into…… Read more

  • Massive shifts through Authenticity

    When You follow your truest voice and its pull to embody WHO YOU TRULY ARE, you step into the one way path of your Authenticity. It is then that You start producing MASSIVE life-changing shifts in your existence!! The beauty of all this is that the more you attune into Your Authentic Vibration, the easiest…… Read more

  • Oracle Friday: which is the energy trend for this weekend July 21st~23rd, 2017?

    After all the spiritual work we have been doing during the last several months we are now called back on Earth by being grounded and by honoring our physical vessels. We are like the sailing ship now, we know our destination as we can see it on the horizon …which is the breeze that moves…… Read more

  • Feminine: just BE

    The more I proceed along my life’s journey, the more Women I meet, the more I see how much we hold on our shoulders. Why do we do this? There’s a world of Men out there ready to help us. Happy to see and make us happy. We just need to allow them to do…… Read more

  • WEEKLY ORACLE: July 17th~23rd, 2017

    Lately I’ve been sharing some posts on my Facebook wall about the rising energy of the Feminine these days. I felt very hard to stay in my Masculine as the need to be vulnerable, emotional, supported … emerged more and more!! And when it comes to Oracle Guidance, cards are so on point ALL THE…… Read more