We are here! August 8th, The Lion’s Gate Portal is fully open and active! Once a year we have this huge opportunity, amongst several others, to expand and grow spiritually as individuals and as collective too. Today is about cosmic alignment between the Star Sun & the Star Sirius. In a state of alignment we…… Read more


    In the transition from May to June I felt an Energy Shift! Spirit Guides were clear with their message and my Priorities simply shifted. Now THE FOCUS IS ON ART & MY ORACLES, which are an expression of my Art & Intuitive Powers!! I am so delighted to offer You 4 more SPOTS for my INTUITIVE ART SESSIONS…… Read more

  • ASCENSION & SELFCARE – New Podcast & 48Hour Offer for the Heartstorming LIVE!!

    Where are you on your Ascension Journey? …are you aware that you are ascending? …have you ever felt any symptom that can be related to your growth & expansion on this Earth as Spiritual Being? Let’s dive into today’s podcast to understand better all that I am talking about and to pay closer attention to…… Read more

  • HEARTSTORMING LIVE NOW OPEN!! 48Hour Early Bird Offer

    The deep Inner Work I am going through lately asked me to open the doors to The Heartstorming Experience LIVE once more!! I usually share it a few times a year and now it is that moment!Heartstorming LIVE means that You are going to enjoy live calls WITH ME!!You are going to receive my Presence, Support and…… Read more

  • MAMA AYA, Sacral Connection Podcast Ep.6

    This week I’ve been called to talk to You through the Power of Sounds, so I have a special podcast to share with you. Make sure to be undisturbed as you listen to it and to ground in the here & now at the end of the audio eating a grain of salt and drinking some…… Read more

  • GOD WITHIN – Sacral Connection Podcast Ep.5

    Lately I started to notice how a lot of people do search for GOD (aka answers; clarity; wisdom; purpose; revelations …) outside of them using drugs or any other suitable way for the aim. The more I work on myself however, the more I can recognize GOD WITHIN Me! So I explore options with You today…… Read more