• THE GREATEST SYMPHONY – Podcast Episode 4

    It’s time for a new Sacral Connection’s appointment! In this Podcast’s Episode we dive into our Heart’s Song, the purpose we have here on Earth.  Yes, we practice some sheer Heartstorming!! Do you know your Unique Song? I ask you to attune with your “Love Signal-Love Sound-Love Signature” to produce your unique melody and participate to The Greatest…… Read more


    May has started and I am ready & excited to share my new offerings with you!! We begin Wednesday, May 5th, with Creativity Lessons and we proceed on Friday, May 7th, with sacred Gatherings! Keep reading for all the details!! May’s Classes are for You to learn the basics of INTUITIVE ART and be able…… Read more

  • SACRAL CONNECTION Podcast Ep.3 – Power of Pleasure

    Uhmmm, it feels so yummy to be here for another Sacral Ritual! Yes, we deserve it! We are worthy of joy, excitement, relaxation, fun, bliss …and you can fill the list! Today’s Episode is all about PLEASURE!!After dedicating the week to include more Pleasure in my life; I felt it was super aligned to deepen this…… Read more


    Cheers to the Sacred Union within You!Cheers to Your Wholeness! Here we are at the dawn of a brand new month! It’s MAY DAY!! We start May celebrating Beltane, the Sacred Union & Marriage of the Feminine with the Masculine! Cards mirror this Energy …we are invited to go deep within to attune with what…… Read more

  • 9th ANNIVERSARY – POWER OF PRESENCE!! (…and New Podcast!)

    Woohoo!!!! As I write this post today I also celebrate 9 YEARS since I’ve opened my, THIS, website and started writing this blog too!! What an amazing journey looking back to these years!! What enchantes me the most is that I was going to share this post to release the new episode of my PodCast…… Read more

  • NEW PODCAST! Ep.1, Sacral Drawing

    A couple of days ago I received the clear input to share with my Voice the messages I channel.The World is ready to hear and to listen to more Sounds.The Power of the Voice is important now for our Ascension!I followed my Intuition as usual …When we shut off one or more of our senses,…… Read more