2018, Wheel of the Year

Blessed Ostara!

March 21st, 2018

Happy SpringEquinox!
Happy Ostara!

Today we celebrate Equality in our world of dualities.
A same quality/same value way to consider the subject.

Masculine & Feminine.
Day & Night.
Sun & Moon.
Beginnings & Endings.
Yin & Yang.
Dark & Light.
Gods & Goddesses …and so on.

Especially, today is the opportunity to experience Equilibrium WITHIN ourselves.

Between our rational & emotional parts;
between our activeness & receptiveness;
between what we love & what we feel disaligned with …and so on.

How does Peace make us feel?

How is it to be in a state of flow where we simply allow what IS to BE (without the need to change it)?

A day to refuel ourselves with Unconditional Love,
in order to start again tomorrow from a new perspective.

Happy New Season wherever you are in the Planet;
whatever this means for You.


2018, Wheel of the Year

Blessed Imbolc!

Blessed Im~Bolc!

It is within your womb (or within your sacral chakra when you are a Man). The sprout of a new life. The beginning of a new season. The tiny little powerful start of a new project. The new baby who’s ready to be born through you.

You are the warm; umid; fertile soil today that nurtures the roots of this new creative spark and allows it to breathe the crispy air as a ready-to-bloom bud.

It’s about the protection of the foundations and the hope of the wings that want to fly high; higher than what you can possibly consider.

Buds of spring from my garden!

It’s about the decision to bloom; the belief it is achievable; the aligned inspired action to make it real on the physical plane; the wisdom that guides each sacred moment.

It’s about YOU, ME, US and the power within and between our inner and outer world.

This is beign in between.
When you feel the roots and the wings; the pull back and the push forward ..when what only counts is to be present.

Blessed Im~Bolc!
To the holy temple within us where the flame burns here & now.