Essential Oils

Essential Oils are the Soul of the Plants!

They come in the form of highly concentrated and extremely potent extracts of plant’s parts such as roots, leaves, stems, flowers, bark.

Essential Oils are the matter beyond the matter!

Their nature in fact is both physical and spiritual.
On a material plane they present themselves in solid/liquid form and they are volatile, so we can INSTANTLY SMELL their intense aroma. This characteristic leads us to the spiritual plane for which they symbolize the Life Force, the Sparkle of Divinity within the plants.

It is interesting to reveal the story behind their name, to underdstand more in depth who/what they are and the role they play on this Planet.

The term Essential Oils comes from the Ancient Greek concept of Quintessential Oils, used to put into words the belief that the matter is composed of four elements (air; fire; water; earth) PLUS ONE ~> the fifth-element aka quint-essence that is Spirit.

Essential Oils embody and emanate the properties and fragrance of the plant they come from. As they can quickly change from their solid/liquid state into gas, they move fast through the air and directly interact with our olfactory sensors in the nose. From here they trigger the magick within us!

Because our sense of smell is strongly linked to emotions, with EO we can shift our moods and sustain our wellbeign easily! Furthermore as all our dimensions are intertwined, when we benefit one, as a positive ripple effect we benefit all: the emotional; mental; spiritual; physical; energetic one …finally we benefit our whole living system!!

EO can be used internally; topically and aromatically.
They are used and have long been used for food preparation; beauty treatments; rituals; wellness practices …to add more pleasure through all our senses to our human experience!

You can perceive how sacred they are and which power they hold!!

All this practical & mystical magick is available to us!
Plants litterally offer their souls to us!
So that we can evolve and unleash our highest potential; we can nurture our wellbeing and preserve the connection between us and the world of plants.

Essential Oils are true gifts from Mother Nature to Humanity! They are precious to remind us that we have all we need to live a happy, fulfilling, wealthy life here and now! That’s why we are called to use them in full awareness, consciously and lovingly.

I am here to support You on your Essential Oils journey of discoveries and transformations!
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…and remember: #LoveSmellsLikeEO!! πŸ˜‰