Join My EO Team

Creating Your Essential Oils Wholesale Account with doTERRA is easy and rewarding!

Here are your benefits:
• you receive 25% off today and on every order in the future.
• you get one-on-one support with the oils and products you need from your enroller ~> Me! 🙂
• you are eligible for reimbursed shipping ~> your shipping cost is reimbursed to you in points (free money!)
• you are eligible for Loyalty Rewards Program ~> earn points on every purchase which can be cashed for oils & products
• you are eligible to receive the Free Product of the Month ~> a great way to grow your oil collection for free!
• you have your personal login to order products whenever you want it (autoship available too, when you opt-in to it)
• you are free from any requirement to order again or have recurring orders
• You get added to my Essential Oil Support Team so you can continue to learn more about the oils


You have two ways to get a Wholesale Account at doTERRA:

1. You can choose to enroll with a ready~made kit ~> getting oils bundled saves you even more than 25% + the Membership fee of $35 is waived! THE best way to get your oils and start your aromatic experience!

2. You can choose to enroll by creating your own kit ~> put in the cart whatever oils and products you’d like and choose “Introductory Packet” as your enrollment kit ~> your one-time $35 membership fee will be automatically added.



Let’s get started! Follow the instructions here below!

• Visit my website:

• Click “Join and Save”
• Choose your prefered account  “Wholesale Customer” or “Wellness Advocate”
• Click “Join doTERRA.”
• Confirm country and language

• Confirm the Wholesale Account of Your choice

• Fill out all your information

• Use the number 2662248 as your Enroller and Sponsor to make sure you end up with Me! 🙂

• Click “Verify ID” and “Continue”
• Choose your enrollment kit ~> to build your own kit, pick “Introductory Packet” and add your items to the cart beneath
• Confirm your payment method; shipping; billing address and …

You are all set! Hurray! Congratulations!


Here’s what’s next now:

• You receive two emails ~> one for your receipt and one for your account login details (save this information, you’ll need it!)
• You receive a welcome email from me too 🙂 with other helpful information
• You are included to my Essential Oil Support Team so you can continue learning


When you enroll as a Wellness Advocate, You are included to my private group of EO’s sharers & builders so that You are set up for mentoring and you can start growing your EO business!


I’m so excited to welcome YOU in my doTERRA Team!!
This is the beginning of a new lifestyle, filled with Love, Community Support and Aromatic Wisdom!