Heart 2 Heart

The Heartstorming is the process of re-building Your Life
based on new foundations of LOVE.

It’s about unlearning the mindset to embrace the Heartset.

It’s about melting the mind’s guidelines :

• old limiting beliefs;
• mind-language and approach;
• misalignment to Your Purest Self’s desires;
• fears & doubts;
• need to explain everything;
• rational decision-making … ect … etc …
to activate new pillars of Love that create the New Era we are living in.

The Heartstorming Process is about:

• becoming strong in your Heart Centre
and lead your life from there;
• tuning into the vibes of pureness and authenticity
to stand for them;
• embodying your essence of Love and radiating it
so much that by being yourself 100% you metamorphose Your existence
and You affect others too (in a powerful, transformative way!)
producing the ripple effect of loving changes in the World.

The Heartstorming is especially for:
healers, coaches, parents, teachers, people who are
on their path of self-development or are drawn to the Love energy …
beings who have the precious task to pass knowledge, wisdom, experience… to others
as they are daily and consistently in contact with other people, children, students …
so they can easily share the process with them all by being the living example of it.
The Heartstorming is more about practice and concreteness
than a series of philosophical concepts.
It’s about embodying the pillars! 🙂

Indeed the Heartstorming is to be spread amongst all the Humanity!

People of all ages, in all countries.
Heartstorming has the power to ignite Your purest essence,
Your authenticity in a fast expanding way,
so that the entire Planet ascends
to its most authentic frequency too.

Benefits are:
• be a better version of You
• expand your capacity to love & be loved
• unlock your Heart’s power of manifestation
• have more peace, ease, pleasure, fun…in your life
• feel more compassion for yourself and others
• FEEL MORE on all levels
• learn new techniques/language/exercises …that You can apply
in your work for more creativity; with clients for better performances (more joyful ones); with your children, partner, family etc …


The Heartstorming is a path for very highly motivated people
who are willing to explore their Heart’s depth; face it;
transmute it into love actions and let the process to transform themselves
into the most exquisite and powerful version they can BE.

People who are willing: to be raw; to open up and share their core desires/beliefs;
to let go old stuff and refill themselves with Love propellent;
people who are ready to shift.

The Heartstorming Program has 10 sessions
to learn the lessons of  the process and to do the real work
meant to “get your Heart dirty”.

It’s the interactive, in motion experience to awaken the Hearstorm which You are!


When You want to go through this process working Heart – 2 – Heart with Silvia, you get:
• a live session/week (50/60 mins) for 10 weeks to explore the 10 modules;
• a live laser call/week (20 mins) in between modules to integrate the new learnings and reassess your path along the way;
• extra support via txt messages or email when needed;
• BONUS: the inspirational e-book “I Feel My Heart”, a collection
of Love Messages from Universe’s Heart to Yours, channeled by

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Here are the modules:

  1. Foundation:The four fundamental pillars of the Heartstorming.
    This module awakens the force that you have within You.
  2. Emotions:
    Know better your Emotions and discover a new way
    to manage them. This module connects You to Your Heart & Soul.
  3. Journey:
    Explore the metaphor of the journey: bu Your own and by the other people’s side. This module opens You up to the magickal signs along the way.
  4. Zombie Zone:
    Live conforming YourSelf to others equals loosing Your uniqueness
    and giving space to all the Demons in Your head. This module activates the power of Your Heart to step into  your purest zone of genius.

  5. Physicality:
    Begin a new alliance of Pure Love between You & Your Body
    and between You & the other Bodies. This module connects You deeply with Your physicality in order to support Your process of renewal.
  6. Decluttering:
    Become lighter with less useless stuff and more space
    to receive what You desire. This module triggers a process that allows Lifeforce to enter Your life with all its gifts.
  7. Authenticity:
    How to live authentically from your truest point of power.
    Heart Activation included to clear the way towards Your Authenticity.
  8. Death (and Rebirth):
    Time to say Farewell to the Old You and to meet the New You
    who is ready to live fully the process of awakening. Turning point of the Heartstorming, this module has a profound Shamanic Journey included to support your metamorphose.
  9. Love:
    Going back to the core of the Heartstorming, Your Heart! This module elevates You from everyday’s blindness to the clarity of Love.
  10. Heritage:
    The final module of this path becomes the first step of a new adventure: handing the Heritage of the Heartstorming to everyone who meets your path!

Here You are the e-book!


Looking forward to Heartstorming with You!