Silvia is Your Catalyst of deep inner transformation.
She is profoundly connected with Her psychic Nature
and She uses it to support Your transition
towards the brightest version of YourSelf!


She is Your Alchemist of Joy and Love
as She helps You to shift Your perspective
on all that is in and around You,
amplifying the capacity to find Miracles there.
She teaches You how to open up to them
so that You receive more of them
and of what You desire on a perpetual, consistent basis!


Silvia is Your Trigger and Accelerator
of the personal growth and evolution that You have decided
to experience when You embarked
for Your Life’s journey on this Planet.


Coach; Doula; Law of Attraction Pratictioner;
Oracle Cards Creatrix and Intuitive Reader; Visionary;
Energy Transmutter; Channeler of Universal messages …
are some of the qualifications and potent gifts
that Silvia brings to the World.
She loves the Sea; cooking for Her Family & friends;
exploring Nature and historical sites;
cultivating passion in her Love life
and caring for Her Beauty & Body
as the precious vessel along Her life’s adventure.



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