Welcome to the Spiral of Magick manifesting path!

This is my signature program in the realm of manifesting and I am super excited to share it with You!

It is Spiral because each month we go through the same
phases of transfomation with the Moon (New – Waxing – Full – Waning),
although with a wider & wiser awareness and presence than the previous cycle.
So this journey is an ascending spiral towards our greatness!

It is Magick because we practically work (through readings, rituals, creativity, choices …etc)
to bring on the physical plane our desires.
This is the Art of Magick which is the ability and practice to use and master
concrete tools of self development (compared to Magic which is related
to the world of illusions: books, tricks …).



In the Spiral of Magick we work with the power of the 4 Elements (Air; Fire; Water; Earth) combined with some of my favorite tools of creation, such as: Creativity; MoonMagick (attuning/manifesting with the Moon Cycles); Oracle Cards; Essential Oils; Stones!

This path joins together all the Knowledge and Wisdom I gathered during my years of exploration as a manifesting student and I am still gathering, because everyday there is something new to learn and to practice and more experiences to add to our personal story!

I manifested everything I TRULY DESIRED in my life, consciously and unconsciuosly. New homes; jobs; cars; my kids; connections; mentors; partners; money …This means also some things that I would have prefered to never experience!!

Of course we manifest 24/7 and often there are vibes to shift; patterns to change; beliefs to replace …in other words: there’s some work to do before we can “get there”, fully into our desires! For this reason we need encouragement; motivation; inspiration; guidance; a lot of practice …along this process.

I am glad to share with You what I have learnt/unlearnt; what I am learning/unlearning; what I am exploring; what I believe in (…and a lot more that will emerge as we journey together) in the field of manifestation.

This path begins with four intensive weeks of Moon’s Attunements; Oracle cards readings; Creativity works; magick potions (here come Essential Oils!); decisions & declarations to Universe about what we want; some element of astrology …and more, according to Your unique needs & wishes.

For a whole Moon Cycle we gather together once/each week to do our magickal work around the desires that we intend to bring to fruition  into the physical plane. We start a few days before the New Moon and then we touch base at each phase: New Moon; First Quarter; Full Moon; Last Quarter.

This path includes rituals; divination; practical daily actions; nourishment of your creative fire; sheer fun (this is a pivotal element!); balance of your Feminine & Masculine energies and a diffused sense of pleasure! It is important to enjoy what we are doing and to live this experience (and our lives!) going with the flow of wellbeing and enjoyment!

After the first intensive 4 weeks during which you come to know the method I share with You; You have the option to continue practicing for the entire year, with a small fee each month (or all in advance if you prefer). This option is warmly recommended as You have the opportunity to keep on practicing while you still are in a safe space and you become confident about your abilities & skills of creator.


The Spiral of Magick ~ 4 week manifesting path is € 1111.
Pay IN FULL & Join, now!
Pay in 4 INSTALLMENTS / € 299 each & Join, now! (Installments are due each week on the same day you’ve signed up. Notifications with links to payments wil be sent to you.)

It includes:

• 1 gathering before the New Moon to clarify your decisions for the manifesting cycle;
• 4 intensive sessions to activate all the tools of the Spiral of Magick (4 elements; creativity; Moon’s attunements; Oracle readings; essential oils to manifest; stones etc …)
• recordings of all sessions
• extra support via messages/email as the path unfolds

After the first 4 weeks, the investment to keep practicing is € 111/month.

You can work 1-0-1 or in group (in case you have a few/some friends you want to work together with my guidance).


The Spiral of Magick is for You to have a safe space to share your desires and to be who you are at the core; to unleash your creative genius and expand into your infinite greatness; to be vulnerable and to celebrate your achievements. To embody your full potential while you create the life that you dream about deep in your heart. This is a judgement free container to be unconditionally listened to and to find support in order to manifest your goals.

Pay IN FULL & Join, now!
Pay in 4 INSTALLMENTS / € 299 each & Join, now!



I work with highly motivated people who are committed to their personal development and are keen to align their lives to the creative inner fire.

They connect to me because they have already made the decision and choice to work with me and they let me know which investment’s option they’ve chosen (most of the time the pay in full!).

It’s plenty of content about me; my work, my energy
on the net (website – facebookinstagramyoutube)
so You can feel my vibes! 🙂

This is why my services are discovery call-free.
Join the Spiral of Magick because
you FEEL this is the right thing for You and You want it 100%.

It’s a bag of tools that you can harness for life!

I am thrilled to work with you!

Silvia )O(