Welcome to …TALISMOON!!

Your Magickal Membership to attune & co-create
with the Power of the Moon & Your Personal Creativity!

Each week we attune with the peaks of the Lunar Phase
for which you receive my Vocal files!

Then once a month at the New Moon’s point
we gather on a live call to celebrate
the New Beginning and plant the seeds
of our desires.

During the Lunar Cycle we work through the phases
and the astrological signs of the phase,
creating our Personal Talisman!

We use Creativity to harness our deepest potential
of materializing the Truths of our Hearts.

So, each cycle will have a New Talisman and
for as long as You’ll stay in the Membership
you’ll keep creating them
having physical proof before your eyes

of your capacity to manifest.

Working with the Moon
we get a deeper synchronization with our Body
and our Moods; we understand better what is going on
withIN us and outside of us in the World we live;
we understand the interconnection between these two realities.

We gain more clarity; relaxation; calmness …
We boost our personal power and we become more aware of it.
We open up to receiving more, as we remember
how much we are part of Nature; Cosmos; this whole Uni-Verse!

We then can play our unique role in co-creation
and co-alliance with ALL THAT IS!

Saying YES! to TalisMoon Membership
means to say YES! to be part of THE ALL!
An active; creative and beautiful part
of Cosmos and of this amazing life we have chosen
to live, right here right now!

Finally, we also enjoy an enhanced wellbeing;
a more confident Presence in our reality and
we become Ambassadors of living a life
of Love; Beauty; Art & Magick!


We embody the Artists within us!



That intuitive; receptive; joyful Magician
who knows how to use His/Her tools
to color the most extraordinary masterpiece
of all, His/her Life Experience!


The Portal is OPEN!
Join Talismoon Membership, now!
Here are two ways to step into it:

The Monthly TalisMoon Membership
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The Annual TalisMoon Membership (2 months free)
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