Everything expanded when I became a Mother and soon after the birth of my first son I started to realize that my motherhood experience was meant to be something more!

I created it my own way and amongst challenges and achievements of my desires I believed that I could support other Women (with their partners and families) to create the pregnancy~childbirth~motherhood that felt right and fulfilling for them and aligned to their unique needs and stories.

So I became a Coach and soon after a Doula and I gathered my work into The Pregnancies Queen project! Supporting pregnant moms to create the pregnancy~childbirth~motherhood of their desires!

At TPQ you can find my pregnancy & birth coaching and doula services:
• for YOU who are pregnant and are open to co-create
Your best ChildBirth experience ever;
• for YOU who are a first time Mom;
• for YOU who had a previous challenging birth;
• for YOU who have worries and doubts about Your abilities to give birth the way YOU desire;
• for YOU who are a happy Mom and keen to live Your unique birth story …

The Pregnancies Queen’s is Your opportunity to discover more about YourSelf;
claim Your Inner Power and use it;
find clarity, courage, strength, insights … along the way AND SO MUCH MORE!!!

I support Mothers who have already given birth, too.
We work together starting from the Birth Story and unfolding at Your pace
the amazing transformative journey towards the dawn of Your new existence!


Discover what’s in store for YOU!
Click TPS’s icon to enter Her Queendom.
I am honored and proud to welcome you amongst
the mystery and magick of Life itself.

Important Note:

These are my foundations. From here I built my practice and through it I understood more about myself and what I want to bring to the world. Coupled with my intense life’s experience I then had the breakthrough that all the work with Mothers and the development of life within our human bodies is the great metaphore for something else …

We all have desires, projects, things we want to manifest. Every time we conceive one of these inside us, well …We Are Pregnant! Then we go through the gestation, birth and nurturing part of our creations.

This is what I help you to do. Create your own way to your best life by harnessing the power of your emotional truth to manifest what you want with pleasure.