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I am profoundly connected to my Inner Wisdom,
Intuitive & Psychic abilities and to my Inner Power!

It’s a great pleasure to offer You Card Readings and Mystical Coaching Support
combined together so that:

• You get the extra support to boost Your life experience;

• You are encouraged to balance Your Feminine & Masculine side
to gain fulfillment and firmness in Your choices;

• You have more confidence in taking inspired actions towards Your desires.

My Readings are live magick (this is the way I like it! 😉 )
that is ignited and infused into Your Life!
Allow them to start moving the energy
inside & outside of You … and enjoy!

Know that they talk to Your Heart & Soul and
that they hold the power
of deep and intense transformation.



1) You can choose the LIVE VIP ORACLE SESSION via zoom,
this option is now € 567 instead of € 999!!

• the session lasts approximately 70 minutes;
• the audio recording is included and sent to you shortly after
the reading with images of the pulled cards.

CLICK HERE NOW to book your VIP ORACLE session.
You’ll receive a notification email to arrange our call.

2) You can chose the SACRED VOCAL READING emailed to You.
This option is now €187 instead of € 333!!
• write your open question* ( ex: how is x, y, z going to unfold?) at check out;
• receive audio file with your reading & pics of the cards straight
into your best email box within a few days from your booking.

There is power and magick in the sound of the Voice.
When we shut down part of our senses,
the others are enhanced.
So it is for You through this sacred reading.
Focusing only on the sound of the words
the Oracle will reveal for You its powerful message.
Tune IN and enjoy!

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* in case you are unsure about the open question,
drop me a few lines to explain your issue
and what you feel drawn to explore HERE.

Looking forward to connecting with You
and supporting Your evolving journey!


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Here are some Testimonials from people who have enjoyed my readings!

A lovely deck.
Your reading in its whole story resonates with other messages
I have been receiving, it also matches some stories
I have been listening to lately and
I had a dream that was about its message.
I can now approach my interpretation of that dream in a new way.
Confirmation that I am on the right track.
Thank you for your oracle cards.

~ C.S.

Your cards are beautiful.
As usual, your words are spot on!
Awesome! You’re incredible. Thank You!
~ M.C

Your reading was so on point for me
and everything I have going on.
This moved me to tears.
Thank you so much for this.
It had helped me to do what I already knew I needed to do.
Thank you my soul sister.

~ S.C.

Thank You! You are great!
I find a bit of myself in all the cards
for different reasons.
Your voice relaxes me a lot!
~ A.S.

Thank You!
I am going through a challenging time of my life
and listening to the sound of your voice
makes my perspective sweeter
and it is very relaxing.
~ M.R.

Your message hits my heart as an arrow!
Your reading and your voice always go to the depth
of my being and are 100% attuned with myself.
~ V.C.