I am profoundly connected to my Inner Wisdom,
Intuitive & Psychic abilities and to my Inner Power!

It’s a great pleasure to offer You Card Readings; Mystical Coaching and Intuitive ART
combined together so that:

• You get the extra support to boost Your life experience;

• You gain fulfillment and firmness in Your choices;

• You have more confidence in taking inspired actions
towards Your Heart’s desires.

My Readings are live magick (this is the way I like it! 😉 )
that is ignited and infused into Your Life!
Allow them to start moving the energy
inside & outside of You … and enjoy!

Know that they talk to Your Heart & Soul and
that they hold the power
of deep and intense transformation.

Here are Your options!

which includes:

– 1 hour audio file with Your reading;

– 1 pdf with images of the cards and further notes/insights
for you to dive deeper into your reading.

You can ask a question of your choice on a topic/subject
that you are in need to explore; clarify; get some guidance on.
Write your question in the dedicated area that you find
Otherwise, write me to in order to let me know
what you desire to explore.

When You feel open to receiving what LifeForce/Spirit/God/Universe
has in store for you and is ready to share with You, through Me …
simply proceed with the transaction of Your order and I’ll go through your reading.


There is power and magick in the sound of the Voice.
When we shut down part of our senses,
the others are enhanced.
So it is for You through this sacred reading.
Focusing only on the sound of the words
the Oracle will reveal for You
its powerful Message.

Tune IN and enjoy!

I am Looking forward to connecting with You
and supporting Your Evolutive Journey & Ascension!

I am now gifting You with one of my handmade custom Malas, 
created attuning with your unique energy! 
When you book your reading you receive in the mail
one Mala with your personalized Mantra too!




These readings are not meant to tell the future or to be a medical advice at all.
They are for the Recipient to activate the Inner Work necessary
to act on some choices or habits or perspectives …so that a shift can take place.
My Oracles are Pure Channeled Divine Guidance blended with Mystic, Intuitive Coaching & ART.
Then the Recipient has his/her own Responsibility
on the choices/actions that he/she will/will not make/take.

Here are some Testimonials from my Clients!

A lovely deck.
Your reading in its whole story resonates with other messages
I have been receiving, it also matches some stories
I have been listening to lately and
I had a dream that was about its message.
I can now approach my interpretation of that dream in a new way.
Confirmation that I am on the right track.
Thank you for your oracle cards.

~ C.S.

Your cards are beautiful.
As usual, your words are spot on!
Awesome! You’re incredible. Thank You!
~ M.C

Your reading was so on point for me
and everything I have going on.
This moved me to tears.
Thank you so much for this.
It had helped me to do what I already knew I needed to do.
Thank you my soul sister.

~ S.C.

Thank You! You are great!
I find a bit of myself in all the cards
for different reasons.
Your voice relaxes me a lot!
~ A.S.

Thank You!
I am going through a challenging time of my life
and listening to the sound of your voice
makes my perspective sweeter
and it is very relaxing.
~ M.R.

Your message hits my heart as an arrow!
Your reading and your voice always go to the depth
of my being and are 100% attuned with myself.
~ V.C.

Thank you for the very beautiful
and powerful reading! ❤
It resonated with me a lot,
and I got quite emotional
when listening to it.
For me it confirmed that
this is what I’m supposed to do!
I really do love the reading and
I deeply recommend Silvia to have a wonderful one!
– H.E.

Thank you Silvia.
It was a beautiful reading
that has touched me deeply.
It made me feel a lot and I cried and cried
for a very long time.
Some kind of healing found place,I recon.
Thank you one more time.
– V.S.

Thank you so much, Silvia!   
I need to meditate on what I have heard.  
I have resonated with so much of this.  
It touched my heart in a very profound way.  
It generated some questions that
I need to address with my Higher Self.
You are awesome, as usual.
– S.G.