Silvia is profoundly connected to her Inner Wisdom,
Intuitive & Psychic abilities and to her Inner Power.
She offers Card Readings and Coaching Support
singly or combined together so that:

• You get the extra support to boost Your life experience;

• You are encouraged to balance Your Feminine & Masculine side
to gain fulfillment and firmness in Your choices;

• You have more confidence in taking inspired actions towards Your desires
Silvia’s Readings are live magick
that is ignited and infused into Your Life!
Allow them to start moving the energy
inside & outside of You … and enjoy!

Know that they talk to Your Heart & Soul and
that they hold the power
of deep and intense transformation.

• Readings unfold via live call;
• they last approximately 40 minutes;
• the recording of the call is included and
will be sent to you shortly after the reading.


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Looking forward to connecting and supporting You!