I am profoundly connected to my Inner Wisdom,
Intuitive & Psychic abilities and to my Inner Power!

It’s a great pleasure to offer You Card Readings and Mystical Coaching Support
combined together so that:

• You get the extra support to boost Your life experience;

• You are encouraged to balance Your Feminine & Masculine side
to gain fulfillment and firmness in Your choices;

• You have more confidence in taking inspired actions towards Your desires.

My Readings are live magick (this is the way I like it! 😉 )
that is ignited and infused into Your Life!
Allow them to start moving the energy
inside & outside of You … and enjoy!

Know that they talk to Your Heart & Soul and
that they hold the power
of deep and intense transformation.



1) You can chose the LIVE CALL READING via zoom,
this option is € 266
• the session lasts approximately 60 minutes;
• the audio recording is included and sent to you shortly after
the reading with images of the pulled cards.

CLICK HERE NOW to book your spot.
You’ll receive a notification email to arrange our call.

2) You can chose the EMAILED READING,
this option is € 111:
• write your open question* ( ex: how is x, y, z going to unfold?) at check out;
• receive audio file with your reading & pics of the cards
into your prefered email box within a few days from your booking.

CLICK HERE NOW to book Your emailed reading.

* in case you are unsure about the open question,
drop me a few lines to explain your issue and what you want to explore HERE.

Looking forward to connecting with You and supporting Your evolving journey!

Silvia •)O(•