This is my first Deck of Oracle Cards!!

Created in 2015 when I was working as Pregnancy & Birth Coach and Doula with Mothers all around the World! Back then I started to introduce in my coaching practice Mystic, Intuitive Readings to support the transformational journey of my clients.

Therefore the Deck is infused with the Energy of Creation inspired by the Goddess Creatrix, The Mother!!

With the time and through my personal & professional experience in using it I realized that it was speaking about something bigger: The Metaphor of The Creation of anything that we Human Beings are capable of!

In fact we all do conceive; gestate; birth and nurture our desires, projects, ideas …beyond babies for Women!!

The Magick Path Oracle Deck supports you when you need clarity; when you feel uncertain in regards of an important decision; when you lack confidence in yourself or when you experience a weak connection with Universe & Your Inner Divine Self.

It gives You the chance to harness your Inner Potential and to practice using it in a sweet yet firm way. It enhances your SelfEsteem and the awareness of your Creative Magickal Essence, so that you can face and work with life’s challenges in a renewed perspective and presence.

Cards allow you to see what you cannot see/understand yet right before the reading.

In the Summer of 2020 I creatively worked at its renewal and upgrade. It is now ready for your personal use in 54 colorful cards, easy to handle & shuffle.
You can purchase your deck as it is CLICK HERE NOW (includes deck + handling + shipping) or in a personalized handmade (by me! 😉 ) bag, CLICK HERE NOW FOR THIS OPTION (includes deck + handmade bag + handling + shipping). The deck also comes with a complimentary guidance pdf!

FURTHERMORE: to understand how it works and how you can become confident in reading IT & any other Oracle Cards, The Magick Path Oracle E-Course is also available for you! I warmly recommend this self pace e-course as it is much more than just a course to learn how to read cards, it is a true & exciting exploration into the magickal World of Oracles and your personal divine gifts!!