MoonMagick is the ritual to attune with each Moonphase during the month
to harness the specific meanings & trends of THAT phase
and unleash our personal power as we co-create with them.

This practice helps us to reconnect with the rhythms of Mother Nature;
to find peace and clarity within us; to ease the transformations of our existence;
to manifest the desires of our hearts …and more!

When I talk to Women who live in synchro with the Moon,
the first thing I hear is about their monthly periods.
They ALL report the immediate attunement of their ovulation/bleeding
as soon as they started the MoonMagick rituals.

Well, there’s so much to explore and discover about the Moon
and the magickal influence we share with Her here on Planet Earth!
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Below are the attunements that I share during the Lunar cycles.
As you can see the dates slightly differ from the Gregorian Calendar (based on the Sun)!
It is interesting and beautiful to work with both to expand
our knowledge and undestanding of the Universe we live in.

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Here’s one of my Video Attunements!