I have created my own deck of Oracle cards The Magick Path and I’ve been pondering about a way to support as Cards’ Readers & Explorers those who have ordered it.

In fact I felt that there still was something else to add to the experience and that I didn’t have to “leave them alone” once the deck would have been delivered to their homes.

As long as I am alive I still can pass the Wisdom & Knowledge
I have of it to those who have chosen to use it.
I also realized that I can pass the Wisdom & Knowledge I have gained
during these years as Oracle/Tarot Reader & Creatrix
to those who desire to enter this powerful world!

So The Magick Path ECourse was conceived!
Simplicity and deepth are the main characteristics of it.

The Magick Path Oracle ECourse is for the Student-Explorer to:
• enter the World of Oracles and truly feel confident in using them as tools of personal growth for him/herself and their querents.
• specifically learn to use The Magick Path Deck and also
• to have a broader understanding to use any other Oracle/Tarot Cards too.

It is for those who approach the readings for the first time and for more expert readers who desire to refresh their approach & connection with the Portals/Cards.

You can have The Magick Path Oracle Deck (order it now) or you can use other cards that you may already have because you are going to activate some aspects & gifts of you that will be eternally useful as Reader!
Once You are enrolled the course is YOURS for lifetime access so You can attend at your own pace! 

This is a 6 lesson ecourse with the opportunity to connect to me for guidance and Q&As, too.

Topics useful for all kinds of Cards: 
• Oracles as Portals
• In-Tuition in Readings
• Reversed Cards
• Blessings; Shuffles; Spreads

Topics specifically useful for The Magick Path AND
when reading other Cards:
• Black Cards
• Violet Cards
• Indigo Cards
• Blue Cards
• The Heart Centre
• Yellow Cards
• Orange Cards
• Red Cards
• Symbolisms (Numerology, Chakras/Colors, Images; Quotes)

You have space in between lessons to integrate what I share and especially to PRACTICE, in fact you decide the pace of this ecourse!! Also it is important that You proceed honoring your unique rhythm as it is through the practical experience of the readings that we understand; learn; embody …the most their Wisdom. So, only when you feel ready you can move to the next lesson.

This is a true Oracle Playground!! YOUR SPECIAL ONE!!
Also, this ECourse is more than practicing with Oracle/Tarot Cards through the readings; it is a journey of self exploration; discoveries and personal growth! Where you activate your Inner Powers (Intuition, Vision, Clairsentience …etc …)
Enjoy it fully!!

The Investment for the whole experience is € 222! SIGN UP HERE NOW!

I am looking forward to exploring the Magickal World of Oracles with You!

In Joy,