Blessed Lammas, Warm Heart!


We are right in the middle between Summer & Autumn, it is the Heart of this Season!
This day we celebrate Life and its Abundance, we go through the First Harvest!
Once it was celebrated for the harvest of the crops from which bread was made & baked.
Today we symbolically honor the Wheel of the Year’s click by reviewing our path along 2020.

I encourage You to dedicate some time to collect your memories & experiences so far:
• Which lessons have you learnt?
• Which gifts have you received?
• Where/How do you find yourself grown?
• What do you celebrate of your Life’s Creation?
Can be some of the questions to explore …


My journey has been epic!

Each month has had its own illuminations; challenges; upgrades and letting go.
Especially July has been pretty intense on several levels.
I’ve had a physical issue to solve and went through more check ups than my entire life!
Some LOVE sent to me will be appreciated as I am looking forward to closing this circle.

I’ve also stepped into an intensive program of self clearing & elevation
which helped me tremendously to navigate these weeks
but also required my huge energy commitment and focus
leaving me with a profound need for rest & integration.
I’ve received so many gifts of Awareness; Evolution and Wisdom!

I look back and if there is A THING that emerges clear is that LOVE IS MY POWER.
I want to stay in these vibes. I want to be Love; to give Love and to receive Love.
And believe me this can be very challenging sometimes with all the triggers we’ve around!
Also more Acceptance and more Compassion for my path/my self is what I want to celebrate!
I am doing the work and giving my best! Lovable Congratulations to Me!!

I’d feel so glad & grateful to know from you and your experience!
Just replay to this post and let’s enjoy our connection!


Tuning into the Harvest/Abundance frequencies …

1) I remind you that the Heartstorming LIVE is starting again soon, on August 4th!
Beyond the self pace e-course this time you get my PRESENCE to guide you along the way!
You’ll have instant access to the e-course and then you’ll receive notifications for the live calls!

2) For this weekend only, ending Midnight on Monday August 3rd,
You have 2X1 on my Private Oracle Readings!!
When you purchase ONE consultation you receive ONE MORE included!
To gift someone else with or to use for yourself within a month.
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These are my Gifts for You!
As Giving & Receiving are about Generosity, which helps us to open our Heart!
Giving back makes us feel more Abundant!

This is it for now!
Sending you Golden Hugs of Wealth!



VOICING OUR PURE HEART – Love Guidance July 2th – Aug. 2nd, 2020


The more I dive deep into exploration
in my Inner Work practice,
the more I see that
and this Love
goes back to MySelf!

AND …this process
of reaching the core
leads me straight to my

The Heartstorming is an unlearning path
that helps us to shed old layers
of an Armor we’ve built
around our Pure Heart and Truth!

So we are called to unlearn fears
to remember Love!

That’s why, to be a more effective
Heartstormer with You
I received the divine hint
to focus my weekly readings on

This is the New Energy we all need
more than anything
and more than ever
This is also THE Energy
of the New Earth
we’ve already landed on.

As you know LOVE is
all about Relationships!

So, the Relationship with Spirit. OurSelves.
Our Partner. 
Our Self Expression
in the World (Biz/Career).
Are the aspects of LOVE
that we’ll unfold together
through the readings!

Of course they are collective so
when You desire to go custom-deeper!!


I hope that You’ll enjoy this shift
and that you’ll find more
specific support for your
life adventure ascending through Love!
I also want You to know that
the Heartstorming will be LIVE
again for the second time this year …
We open the doors
on August 4th!!
to have instant access to the ecourse
then you’ll receive the calls details!

Watch my weekly video to get all the updates!
There are a few juicy bites there …
Today’s Moon Attunment included
that I am so happy to share with You!
To a fabulous week!!



THE BRIDGE OF TRANSFORMATION – Cancer New Moon Cycle Guidance


Happy New Week!
Happy New Cycle!
Happy Cancer New Moon!


And so we are here!
At the edge of a new chapter!
I had a reading for You
to receive divine guidance & wisdom
towards this new portal that opens up
today July 20th and will close on August 18th, 2020!

The Energy felt a bit stagnant
as I was going through the spread
You may notice me having some challenges
with the words …or cards
delaying their appearance.

However I decided to keep going,
to share it as it came
to give You permission as well
to be as you are!


In fact, even though it seems that
we are still in between two worlds …
Crossing the Bridge of Transformation,
the rewarding fruits of our Inner Work
are starting to sprout!


Watch my video for further insights, now!!


I also remind You, before to say goodbye,
to join TalisMoon Membership!
Doors close at Midnight CET!
Sign up now!


Sending Love; Joy & Blessings
for a New Cycle filled with Wellbeing & Happiness!





Here we are to the second and final part
of this short 2 video series
to honor & harness the Power of the Closure!


Today’s the very last day of this Moon Cycle so,
after the reviewing with an open Heart
that we went through yesterday,
now we definitely seal this part of the journey!


Keyword is SURRENDER!!


Detach from any activity (whenever possible)
and go with the flow,
let Cosmos & Your Inner Self to speak to You!!


This is the time to RECEIVE Guidance,
even the Oracle reinforced the message!
Just make sure to be truly committed to Your path!!


This is a little part of all the Magickal Work
we do in Talismoon Membership,
Your Sacred Place to be each week of the cycle
to reconnect to your True Essence & Creative Power!!


Doors will be closed tomorrow!!
I’m looking forward to cocreating with You!!