2018, Wheel of the Year

Blessed Ostara!

March 21st, 2018

Happy SpringEquinox!
Happy Ostara!

Today we celebrate Equality in our world of dualities.
A same quality/same value way to consider the subject.

Masculine & Feminine.
Day & Night.
Sun & Moon.
Beginnings & Endings.
Yin & Yang.
Dark & Light.
Gods & Goddesses …and so on.

Especially, today is the opportunity to experience Equilibrium WITHIN ourselves.

Between our rational & emotional parts;
between our activeness & receptiveness;
between what we love & what we feel disaligned with …and so on.

How does Peace make us feel?

How is it to be in a state of flow where we simply allow what IS to BE (without the need to change it)?

A day to refuel ourselves with Unconditional Love,
in order to start again tomorrow from a new perspective.

Happy New Season wherever you are in the Planet;
whatever this means for You.


2018, Mothers

Coaching and Doula’s Support: Taking an empowering stand.

I started my coaching practice as Pregnancy-ChildBirth-PostPartum Coach & Doula.
These are my fondations.

I supported Mothers to achieve their desired experience of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood
as I believe each Woman has the right to live them as She loves
and because I am passionate about Manifesting!

Although now I have expanded my manifesting coaching
working with people who are committed to their greatness,
I am still active as Coach & Doula with Mothers …AND:
I’ve noticed a pattern!

I am a very committed student and pratictioner of the Manifesting realms
so I’ve decided to take a stand and shift that “old story”
in order to empower myself and therefore my clients …YOU!

In this short video (7 mins) here below I unfold all the details!
Play it now!

Let me know which is your experience in regards of receiving Coaching & Doula’s support.
Have you enjoyed it? Have you consider it? What’s your choice?

To work privately with me during YOUR pregnancy, childbirth and post partum CLICK HERE,Β now!

Silvia β€’)O(β€’

2018, Oracle

Birthing Time! Weekly oracle Guidance for March 26th ~ April 1st, 2018

Happy New Week!

What a week this is!
We have the Full Blue Moon and Easter coming up!

Time to wait is over.
Now it is our moment to shine our inner light and show it to the World!

It is the time to birth our project, desire, baby …
and finally feel grounded in this terrestrial world thanks to this process.

We are building solid foundations for the life that we desire.
And Spirit is always there with us, even though this week …

Play the video here below to enjoy the whole reading!

To check last week’s reading click here, now.
Let me know how these cards resonate for YOU!


As usual here are the links to work with me! πŸ™‚

Private manifesting coaching.

Private oracle reading (topic of your choice).

Private love reading.

Homestudy course to unleash the authentic power of your Heart.

Private coaching to unleash the authentic power of your Heart.

I am so excited to supporting You!


Have a beautiful week!

Silvia β€’)O(β€’


2018, MoonMagick, Oracle

Double Reading: Pisces New Moon and Weekly Oracle for March 19th – 25th, 2018

Happy New Week and Blessed New Moon Cycle!

I’ve been busy the last couple of days with a few live events.
I attended the doTERRA’s EuroTour here in Italy …
and then it was my mom’s 60th birthday, so celebration time!

Therefore today I gift you with a double reading
for the Pisces New Moon we had Saturday (March 17th)
and for this week.

With this New Moon we have started the THIRD Lunar cycle of 2018!
How is it going for you in regards of Manifestations?!
The previous mooncycle (#2) has been huge for me.
A true breakthrough in my evolving journey and I’ve also brought
to my physical reality some of the things I had written in my declarations
at the beginning of it, back to mid February 2018!

The commitment to the work we are doing in the Wheel of Magick
is giving back its rewards! ( …did you know you can still join us? more in the video!)
I may share specific content with You
later this week as I experienced some very interesting shifts
that I feel to be very inspiring and motivating!
Stay. Tuned. πŸ˜‰

For now let’s move to the mystical messages of the Oracle cards!
Play the video here below, now!


Here are the links I mentioned in the video:
To joinΒ  the Wheel of Magick ~ Moonifesting Experience CLICK HERE NOW!

To book your private reading (on a topic of your choice) CLICK HERE NOW!

To book Your private love reading CLICK HERE NOW!


I love to read your comments to my intuitive readings!
How do they resonate for You?
Let me know!! πŸ™‚

Have an amazing new week ahead!!

Silvia β€’)O(β€’

2018, Oracle

Celebrate YourSelf here and now! Oracle guidance for March 12th ~ 18th, 2018

Happy New Week!

Here we go off to a brand new bunch of days during which we can create infinite possibilities; opportunities; situations; etc ..etc .. It is up to us; up to the focus, will and passion we fuel our existence with.

I am into Money Manifesting these days and the biggest shift I have experienced on this subject is about the inner sabotating dialogue and the power we have to master it.

We come to the World pure, white canvas infused with mighty potential and as we grow we absorb several truths from the people, places, circumstances …we get involved with.

The thing is that not all of these truths are actually true, some are distorted.

So we start to store into our minds, hearts, souls, bodies, vibration .. false beliefs that transform into our obstacles when we desire to achieve something. At this stage we must ignite the process of unlearning and feeding our system with new, powerful, positive truths to unleash our creative power and manifest what we want.

Affirmations are not enough by their own to change the game, we need more …high vibes; positive images/examples around us; supportive environment; fellows who are aligned with their & our greatness ..etc

For this reason I created the Wheel of Magick ~ Moonifesting Experience, so that YOU can have a safe/sacred space to practice your manifesting skills and get all the motivation, support, encouragement, wisdom that you need during the process.

Today is the last day to join the experience, we start working on March 14th, 2018 a few days before the next New Moon.
So, when you feel called I warmly invite you to be part of the Wheel, now!

CLICK HERE for all the details!

And now let’s explore the cards that popped out of my deck The Magick Path to share their divine guidance with us all …I am glad that this week we have a cheerful and earthly message to boost our Self Esteem and keep us Present and grounded as we proceed along our evolution!
Find out more about the dedicated Oracle, play the video here below now!


Doors are open just until today March 12th, 2018 at 11:59 pm CET to join the Wheel of Magick Moonifesting Experience.
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Have a brilliant week!

Love You,
Silvia β€’)O(β€’


2018, MoonMagick

Moon Magick: Last Quarter’s 5 Step Attunement

Happy Last Quarter!

We are moving towards the end of another lunar cycle!
We are fully into 2018 now!
Completely immersed in our creative process of magnificent expansion!
How do You feel? How’s Your path unfolding?

I want to give You some supportΒ  and motivation for Your journey!
In today’s video I share 5 steps to attune with the current moonphase and
harness all its power so that You can nurture Your inner magick and
get ready for the next cycle with confidence.


These are the keywords for the Last Quarter’s phase.
In the video I go more in depth of each one!

I also share part of the work that we do in the Wheel of Magick ~ Moonifesting Experience,
so that you can be inspired to join us!
Doors are open only until Monday, March 12th!
As you feel drawn to it, the right time join it is …NOW! πŸ™‚

The video is rich in content and with practical hints that you can easily & immediately put into action!
Enjoy it and click the link below it to be part of the Wheel of Magick! πŸ˜‰

Step into the Wheel of Magick ~ Moonifesting Experience, today!

See You There!

Silvia )O(

2018, Oracle

Women’s Day Gift!! Reserved to WOMEN ONLY.

Happy Women’s Day from us!!

Serena my daughter and I.

What an intense week this is for me, how about yours?!
I’ve got several things stirring in my cauldron!!
The Wheel of Magick’s doors are open for you to enter the Moonifesting Experience and I am promoting the event!

When I pulled the cards for this week on Monday and they shown the Feminine Rising, I forgot that today we would have celebrated the International Women’s Day!! I repeat infinitely that cards are absolutely magickal and superpowerful!! Love Them!!

Jupiter starts its retrograde journey in Scorpio today for the next four months …more about it later!

So, so , so. Back on here & now.

I aim to more support and alliance amongst Women and I want to embody what I preach.
Therefore today I have reserved a special gift for all my fellow Women around the World!

Book one oracle session with me and get one as a gift!

This is huge! You get a couple of hours of mystical, motivational, transformational oracle coaching!

You can choose between a topic of your interest or a Love reading.
We go through your session exploring what you need and then we arrange our second appointment.

These sessions mean a lot to me as you get my most magickal and intuitive self with them.
I also experience my clients’ shifts DURING these sessions, so I know they are very powerful to support your metamorphose.

I am so excited to work with YOU!!

You get all the details when You click the links here below:
CLICK HERE NOW to book your oracle session (topic of your choice).
CLICK HERE NOW to book your love oracle session.

I am honored to be a Woman in this life.
Have a blessed Women’s Day!

Silvia )O(