It’s a New Song

It’s time to sing a new song.

To see the World from a new, 180° degree turned perspective
compared to our usual point of observation.

Time to open up to receiving much more than
what our imagination can visualize.

This painting is about Self Expression that come from the Heart
and cannot be tamed anymore as the individual is ready
to bring his/her Voice out to the World.

The ripple effect of this authentic action
is shortly visible in the environment around us.
In fact, as we ground into our purest essence
so mirrors all that is around us.

This painting is a highly energetic one.
Charged with its message during the creation process.
It works as a Talisman and Magnet for the Owner.

Acrylic on canvas.
It measures 30 cm X 30 cm.
Free Shipping

price: € 333




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