This Talisman symbolizes the power we have,
especially as Women and as Human Beings
on a larger scale to Voice Our Truth!

What makes the difference is the Question Mark.
“Silence?”, She asks.
To say “Why should I keep my mouth shut”?
In fact her mouth is open.

She’s the Owner of her Truth
and She’s determined to stand for it.

The Talisman is painted with Acrylics on Canvas.
It comes to You:
• unframed as each side is painted!
• with a special message from my Heart to Yours.

Dimensions: 30m X 30cm
Value € 3.333: Taxes Included, Free Handling & Shipping

Purchase it via Paypal (+10% added), € 3.666
Click here, now!

Purchase by sending the money directly into my Bank Account.
Send me a message to
to get details fro transaction.


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