I feel my Heart

Towards the end of 2016 Silvia feels more and more the call to attune with her Heart’s frequency. So it is that she starts the ritual to stop for three times a day and “feel her heart”, hands on her chest.

From this sacred practice messages begin to flood her. She hears the whispers of the Universe and she opens up to be the conduit for them to reach You. She is the open faucet through which Universe shares its sounds with You.

Messages and quotes arrive in a period of a few months during the beginning of 2017.
Silvia gathers them together in a beautiful and raw Love Collection that she presents in the ebook I FEEL MY HEART!
Mid way, on February 2nd, 2017 she also receives another huge gift: the Heartstorming, a process of personal renewal and rebirth that acivates the power of Love.

She shares them all with You as the assignment is to spread these love sounds with Humanity, so that more and more Hearts and Souls can benefit from them!

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