Inner Divinity Emersion

A workshop to explore our Inner Divinity’s desires
and to learn how to allow them into our life
instead of fighting to achieve what we desire.

What if there is a pleasurable approach
to embody our core Essence?

This sacred circle is dedicated to:
• the connection with our Inner Divinity;
• receiving her/his message;
• exploring new ways to relate to our body; habits; lifestyle;
• creating a Divinity’s talisman;
with crescent bliss and awareness.

What we get from this gathering:
• a boost of self love;
• self awareness and self confidence;
• understanding the rhythms of our Body;
• learn to harness the waves of creativity;
and so much more Sacred Wisdom is shared
for the attendees to sip it and transform it
into their own personal elixir to a blissful, Love filled life!

The workshop is for spirited Women & Men
who love to explore their depths; talents; inner potential
and the unique authentic voice of their Hearts!

During the workshop there is space for movement and creativity.
The content is available for you in easy video sessions.
CLICK HERE NOW to get access to the Masterclass!

So excited to share with YOU a pleasurable approach
to embody our core Essence!

See You in the Circle!!
Silvia ♥ ♥