Observe. Sip with your Inner Vision all that is useful to your Growth. Let the images to reach you. Receive them and let their Medicine to flow through your whole Being so that Wisdom, Knowledge and New Awarenesses can take roots in you. Take the first step into Your Medicine Walk NOW!

This symbol came to me during one of my Medicine Walks. So many things are revealed to me as I deepen the exploration of MySelf and the care for MySelf. Let me guide and support YOU through this experience, too!

Revelations, new insights …are always there available to us. The things is that we are ready to recognize them in different states of consciousness.

Some days we can see the signs some days we are blind. But they are there all the time. We only see what is purposefully needed to us. We only sip what serves to us, the poisons and the elixirs!

Everything is carefully created FOR us. During a Medicine Walk we have a blast of expansion in which we see more, we understand more, we receive more! We open a huge portal on new information, new answers, new perceptions! A New Us is born! 🌟

This is an experience for awakened spiritual people who are devoted to their self-exploration and are willing to deepen & nurture their connection to themselves & Nature. Men and Women who are ready to receiving new answers, insights, illuminations …in order to step boldly on their ascension path and proceed along it with more ease, clarity, energy!

I started guiding Medicine Walks years ago when I was supporting pregnant & new Mothers. And walked many times by my own, for myself! They unfold in Nature or in open air spaces, where your Soul and God tells you to go.

My Presence is with you whether we are in person or online. As you move your steps I draw a channeled intuitive symbol for you, that you’ll receive at walk completed, for further guidance & support.

When you are interested to this VIP enlightening experience WITH Me, book your walk now!!

After your reservation I will contact you to schedule Your Walk and send you all the details you need to know to prepare for it at the best!

I am looking forward to walking by your side and witnessing your powerful transformations!!