Welcome to my creative space! I feel so enthusiastic to share my artistic creations with you!! My handmade accessories are crafted with the intention to add a piece of Sacrality to our life. They can be used for our Sacred Rituals and above all I encourage you to adorn yourself with them everyday! They are all very comfortable to wear so that it can be easy and pleasurable to do it on a daily basis. Each day is a special occasion to celebrate who we are and to love us more. May these jewels be the visible sign on us that we are committed to embody and honor our most Shining Divine Self! As my motto says: MAKE IT SACRED!

Note: shipment is included in each listing. So once you proceed with the transaction, it’s all done! Simply prepare yourself to receiving your sacred piece/s.

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Golden Soul Tribal Earrings

For this pair I felt the call to add an element of magickal charm, crystal beads in the shades of black & bronze. Together with their Golden Soul, these earrings are for you to embody all the most precious aspects of your Being and feel like a true Goddess on Earth!

Joyful Vibes Tribal Earrings

This pair is inspired to the cheerfulness & joyfulness vibes! To enhance the energy of your day with the happily contageous frequencies of bright turquoise, fuchsia and yellow!! Wear them and feel the shift!!

Burning Fire Tribal Earrings

This pair holds all the Power of the Fire Element! It is like a couple of burning wheels that love to swirl around shaking and awakening lifeforce itself! Wear them when you feel the call of your Inner Flame to use all your Passion and bring out all your warmth!

Divine Elegance Tribal Earrings

I LOVE the elegance and simplicity of these two! They have a special light and emanate a frequency of purity. I sense them calling a night ritual at the Moonlight! Name your choice to make them sacred on you!

Pure Golden Tribal Sun Earrings

Light and comfortable to wear. Perfect for a Sacred Ritual honoring the Sun or the Full Moon or to make sacred each day of your life! Handmade central beaded medallion with a crown of golden fringes.

Empire of the Sun Necklace

This piece is infused with the Energy of the Sun to give you the Power of Brilliance! Wear it to feel the Sunlight flowing within You! Crocheted adjustable necklace 45cm long with handbeaded pendant.

Fire Sun Selfcare Necklace

This piece is to ground our energy all through the vibes of red. Wear it as a sign that you are nurturing yourself! Crocheted adjustable necklace 45cm long with habdbeaded pendant.

Black Sun of Abundance Earrings

Light & comfortable to wear they are charged with the vibes of Black to awaken our Inner Power; Green & Gold to activate the flow of Abundance that passes through our Heart and touches all areas of our life! Adorn yourself with them to embody the Potent Goddess within.

Modern Cleopatra Usej

Cleopatra was used to wear an Usej of Lapislazuli and Precious Stones as protector of Her Energy so this piece is inspired to this Potent Egyptian Queen! Created to activate your Throat Chakra and subtly protect your Voice’s Expression. Be free to speak your Truth as you adorn yourself with it! 45cm long adjustable cotton crocheted band with handbeaded medallion.

Romantic Purple Tribal Earrings

These earrings literraly guided me to become as you see them! Their Spirit was clear about the colors and shapes to use. So they are for you when you feel like embodying the power of your soft receptive side. Romantically determined!