The more we step into this New World
and the more we move into it
the more Guidance we need.

This is what I have noticed in my
practical experience, especially
during the last weeks.

I found myself too in extra need
of divine guidance and support
and my intuition guided me
towards Oracle Readings.

I have never listened to so many readings,
never consulted so much the cards;
like these past two months!

The more I dived into their world of symbolisms
the more I strengthened my connection to them
and they became an open book to read easily.

I found them truly soothing; inspiring and supporting
for my inner & outer journey.

I also felt more inclined to share my readings
with you and as I asked you whether you’d
have enjoyed them I also noticed your questions
and felt on me YOUR need for guidance & support.

This experience called me to my next step.

I desire to share more of my Art with You.
I also desire to keep sharing the
Magick of my Mystickal Gifts with You!

So I came to a blending of them!
Because I want to help You to know
and to have physical proof that …
that Guidance & Support you seek

And this is more than a cliche
this is the real truth!

So, long story short …

Starting from next week I open
a simple, 4 week process during which
I teach you a repeatable method
to create your Own Daily Oracle
accessing the Creative Source; the Divine Power
and the Unique Intuition which dwell deep IN you!

We’ll work with creativity and you
do not need to be a Professional Artist
to be part of it!
When you are however, this course can be a plus
to re-ignite your creative spark!

This month September 2020 will explore:

After the intense months of this year so far
we need to restore equilibrium in our Beings
in order to move forward and complete
this round around the Sun
fully grounded and happy!

The investment for this course is €144
for the entire month JOIN US NOW

Otherwise 2 easy installments of €88
every other week JOIN US NOW

I am truly looking forward to creating
with You!

Choosing your favorite tools & materials
you’ll create your own Oracle:
a symbol; an image; an object …
with a magnet name and message
customized on you because it is born
from YOUR UNIQUE source of wisdom!

We’ll have live gatherings and
there will be recordings, so you can
follow the path at your own pace
still having the opportunity to enjoy
my Presence and that of the other Fellows!


The investment for this course is €144
for the entire month JOIN US NOW

Otherwise 2 easy installments of €88
every other week JOIN US NOW



The Fuel of Your Present

Yesterday Facebook reminded me of a post I wrote ONE YEAR ago …
on July 7th, 2018 I shared the following on my wall:

” I’ve had a look into my Heart these days and found Art in there.

I was conceived in a photo studio.
We had a dark room at home to print photos on paper (the old enchanting way!). We had a lab where my father painted; made frames and where there was space to gather with creative friends.

I grew up in a World of creative tools and people who were simply and authentically expressing their voice.

I attended my first painting course when I was 9. I drawn everyday. It was my way to BE in the World. To be alive and to be Me. My way to retreat and access my desires.

I stopped when I started the high school. In a way or another I did my best to find a little creative space in my life afterwards …after work courses; some etsy shops; handmaking gifts …

Because the Fire of Creativity is passionate and keeps bothering us until we roll up our sleeves and we CREATE!!

Last Christmas after almost 30 years I started painting again exploring watercolors in a very shy, clumsy way …

The past few weeks have been an intense diving into my Creative Essense and as I gave oxygen to the flame it’s now burning wildly and it seems that it’s opening new opportunities for me one after the other!!

Long story short: I am attending another magickal art experience this weekend!! “

.    .    .    .
It was so beautiful to read my script …ONE YEAR LATER!!

Being here to witness all the changes and shifts of progression is powerful!

Today I have the gut to declare MySelf an Artist and
I made the choice to make Art my Profession.
Beyond painting on a regular basis
I also started my live ArtShows!!
It is so much My Way to express myself and my message to the World!
I feel good into these vibes!

Do You see the progression shift?!
Keep going no matter what, pursuing the call of your Heart.
Keep trusting the path & process. Keep reporting your everyday little steps …

Because in one year (or more! …or less!) you will notice a giant leap onward & upward!
You will acknowledge that you are Embodying Your Truth and your greatness!
One daily step at a time! All the steps are vital and irreplaceable. And above all are YOURS!!

This awareness is The Fuel of Your Present!

.    .    .    .


1) I am reaching out to you today to encourage you to keep a report!
Any kind of report that aligns with your personality; your routine; your needs.
Written; recorded; drawn; painted …
It is such a precious testimonial of our evolutive journey!
You can use it to cheer you up. To ground. To become more aware of your transformations …when you check it back! And of course it is valuable in the now as you create it as it gives you the opportunity to dedicate some time/space to YOURSELF!

2) It is on this energy wave that I share my video about The Comfort Zone(Heartstorming’s Style)!
I recorded it at the end of June, one day that I decided to be OFF in order to be ON for MYSELF and I went to my favorite place in the World …the Beach! 😉

It is all about motivating you to step INTO your Comfort Zone!
Does it sound odd?
Maybe it is, when you are unaware of the Heartstorming’s principals!
Indeed it is called “Comfort” so it is supposed to be a place where we feel IN THA FLOW, not the opposite!! 😉

Play the video here below, NOW and discover more!

Join the Heartstorming Experience today and start unleashing your Truest Essence!
This New World we are living in, is keen to savor your Unique Flavor!!

Truthfully Yours,