2021, Podcast

ASCENSION & SELFCARE – New Podcast & 48Hour Offer for the Heartstorming LIVE!!

Where are you on your Ascension Journey? …are you aware that you are ascending? …have you ever felt any symptom that can be related to your growth & expansion on this Earth as Spiritual Being?

Let’s dive into today’s podcast to understand better all that I am talking about and to pay closer attention to how we can dance with our Life’s Progression! Play the video below NOW!!

As mentioned above and in this episode, we are getting ready to begin a new round of The Heartstorming LIVE Experience!! The super Early Bird offer expired some hours ago …now You can still join us with a juicy investment before it will definitely rise on Monday!!

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I am looking forward to welcoming You in the group programe during which you’ll enjoy:
– 12 Hearstorming Rounds LIVE with me
– life long access to the ecourse version with all the bonuses
– my personal support along the path
– huge doses of awakening, growth, expansion, LOVE …and much much MORE!!

To know even more about The Heatstorming Experience CLICK HERE NOW, you will be re-directed to the presentation page with more detailed info on the path. Alternatively, when you prefer to know more about it directly from Me, watch this video now!

We officially start on June 1st, so grab the offer now before it will rise again on Monday, you have only 48 hours left!!

>> Step into the path NOW with the one time only investment!

>> Or choose the 2 easy installment option!

You can invite friends to the experience or anyone you know who may benefit from this path! Forward this letter to Them/Him/Her now!! EVERY 4 PEOPLE I GIVE 1 FREE SPOT AWAY as Gratitude Treat for Your Presence! So, in case You are a small group you can share a percentage of the Treat or you can reserve the free spot for You or a BFF!!



GOD WITHIN – Sacral Connection Podcast Ep.5

Lately I started to notice how a lot of people do search for GOD (aka answers; clarity; wisdom; purpose; revelations …) outside of them using drugs or any other suitable way for the aim.

The more I work on myself however, the more I can recognize GOD WITHIN Me!

So I explore options with You today on how God CAN BE deep within us and how we can walk many roads coming back home to us all the times!

I challenge You to meet GOD within YourSelf!
Are You in?

Let’s immerse in this divine digging! In Episode 5 I bring You on a journey within your Soul …where Your Divine Self dwells! Play the Podcast here below NOW to enter this magickal place! 

How does this Episode resonate with you?
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In today’s Podcast I’ve shared a couple of ways to connect deeply with Your Inner World and access God’s Presence! Find out more about them NOW!! The Heartstorming Experience and The Inner Divinity Emersion Masterclass.



It’s time for a new Sacral Connection’s appointment!

In this Podcast’s Episode we dive into our Heart’s Song, the purpose we have here on Earth.  Yes, we practice some sheer Heartstorming!!

Do you know your Unique Song?
I ask you to attune with your “Love Signal-Love Sound-Love Signature” to produce your unique melody and participate to The Greatest Symphony! 


This is one of the pillars of the Heartstorming and the FIRST message I received when this Heart opening path presented itself to me!! We both need to sing more (in the “traditonal” musical way) to celebrate Life with Joy & Gratitude and also on a huger, more mystickal way we need to Embody more our Truth, so that the whole Humanity, Planet and Universe can ascend!

Let’s immerse ourselves in this profound digging! In Episode 4 I bring You on a journey deep within your Heart …where YOUR TRUTH dwells! Play the Podcast here below NOW to enter this magickal place! 

How does this transmission resonate for you?
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Dawning the The New Aquarian Age

” When the Moon is almost First Quarter,
the Winter/Summer Solstice
is finally here
and Jupiter aligns with Saturn
at 0° Aquarius …

This is the dawning
of The Age of Aquarius!!

Peace now guides the Planet
and Love stirs the Stars
Harmony and Understanding
No more falsehood or derisions
Golden living dreams of visions
Mystic crystal revelation
and mind’s true liberation.

Open up Your Heart
and let the Sunshine IN!

Aquarius …Aquarius … “
this is now!

It’s incredible to be here
to witness this moment
we have been preparing
for generations and generations!


It moves me to be alive in this moment
and feel the TOGETHERNESS!
But it also awakens me to the fact that

“Let the Sunshine in”
I’ve been singing this song so many times …
one of my favorite …
I used it to call the Sun in rainy days …
and now I get to live it!!

May this awareness, this rebirth, this illumination
we are experiencing today
live & vibrate in our Hearts FOREVER from now on!

Today …today I renewed my website for the 8th time!
I find it so symbolic that silviacamerini.com rebirths itself
on the Winter/Summer Solstice!!
This is Re-Affirmation of my Sacred Work in the World
and I get to share it with You!!

Today …today in the Northern Hemisphere from which I am writing
it is the longest night of the year …so we lit the candles to celebrate
HOPE even in the darkest moments …we lit the candles to say Yes! again
to the Light, the light of our Rebirth!!

We are Rebirthing!
We are Dawning ourselves!
Individually and as a Global Community!

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter & Saturn
shapes a super bright STAR (The Star of Bethlehem)
in OUR SKY, visible from each place of the Planet …
there is so much LIGHT today …
The Light of the Christmas/Bethlehem Star
The Lights of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere
The Lights of Winter in the Northern one
The Light of our Inner Divinity
The Light of Awareness & Truth
which has been switched on within us
during this incredible year 2020 …

May we all radiate Light and be the Light
bringing our splendor and our authenticity
wherever we are!!

This is also the Heart of the Heartstorming
and it gives me shivers to see how
what I saw/heard/experienced almost 4 years ago …
it’s unfolding NOW!!

Blessed Great Conjunction’s Solstice!!

In Joy,