It’s doTERRA’S BOGO week ~ FREE oils galore!!

Hey guys, this morning I received super exciting news!!

I stayed away from socials during the weekend and yesterday I was pretty busy oraganizing the new week …finally I could get in touch with my doTERRA’s team and I got amazed by the opportunities that this week holds!!

It’s BOGO weeeek, woohoo!!!!

What does it means?
Buy 1 Get 1!!
In other words, LOADS of F R E E essentials oils are available to You!

To participate to this fantastic event just join the dedicated Facebook group, now!

Or if you prefer You can contact me!

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Whatever the choice this opportunity is unique to fill your life with intoxicating scents that will transform you existence!!

Am I too enthusiastic?!?!
It’s just because ..I LOVE doTERRA’s ESSENTIAL OILS!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Silvia )O(


2018, MoonMagick

Don’t make a ritual tonight!

Happy New Moon /Solar Eclipse in Aquarius!

You know Aquarius loves uniqueness and singing outside of the crowd ..so, so, so:

Wait! Watch my video here below now to find out “WHY?!” .
And then: step fully into the Wheel of Magick!
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Do You believe in Magick?!
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My Dear, the day began today with a super manifestation!!

I woke up with a message from the first Magician who signed up – IN FULL – for this Lunar Cycle to bring to the physical plane (AKA manifesting) his amazing vision with my assistance!

He read a few articles from my blog and saw a couple of videos.
He knew it was the right choice for him! He listened to his Inner Guidance!
So, all settled we get started to unleash his creative genius so that desires and physical reality align into the same thing. That is when You live the life You want!!

You know the truth within YourSelf! Stand up and follow it!

Silvia )O(

2018, Oracle

Saturday Special: Card Readings โ‚ฌ44! Today ONLY!

I’ve got a sudden sparkling rush …
โšกโœจI offer 4 oracle readings โ‚ฌ44/each only for today!!โœจโšก(I send you an audio file with your reading)

Which means you save more than 80%!! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

AND for who joins my essential oils team you receive the reading as welcome gift + I intuitively choose a fragrance for you that can support the issue you explore with the cards!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ”ฎโœจ

I love to blend my passions together!! Like it? Deal?

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