Kiss of the Soul | High Energy Artwork SALE and Heartstorming Message

I feel so honored to share
this week’s high energy painting story with You, today!

Our World is evolving
starting from us as individuals to us as couples!

Watch me as I share what emerged
from the creative process of making this artwork!
Play the video here below, now!


You can purchase Kiss of the Soul,
directly from my Portfolio Website!


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In Joy,


Oracle Guidance for June 17th ~ 23rd 2018 | HAPPILY TOGETHER

Blessed New Week!

I love the oracle spread for these days ahead!
Well, I always love my cards! 😉
This week there is a story of expansion
told through the divine portals of energy.

Each journey begins from ourselves
and so we do in the upcoming days.
Then we recognize our happiness
right where we are.
Finally we share with others!

Can you perceive the evolutive movement
from our centre towards all that is?! WOW!

Here’s the video with the whole reading PLUS
a special intuitive message on the Feminine Rising
that I felt called to tell you!
Play it now!


Let me know your feedback about the reading!
Also what’s your experience with the Feminine Awakening?

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Blessed Ostara!

March 21st, 2018

Happy SpringEquinox!
Happy Ostara!

Today we celebrate Equality in our world of dualities.
A same quality/same value way to consider the subject.

Masculine & Feminine.
Day & Night.
Sun & Moon.
Beginnings & Endings.
Yin & Yang.
Dark & Light.
Gods & Goddesses …and so on.

Especially, today is the opportunity to experience Equilibrium WITHIN ourselves.

Between our rational & emotional parts;
between our activeness & receptiveness;
between what we love & what we feel disaligned with …and so on.

How does Peace make us feel?

How is it to be in a state of flow where we simply allow what IS to BE (without the need to change it)?

A day to refuel ourselves with Unconditional Love,
in order to start again tomorrow from a new perspective.

Happy New Season wherever you are in the Planet;
whatever this means for You.