Humble and Powerful before You

It took me a while to write this post …I know it can be strong.

I share it and take some hours for me. The time I need to feel myself and start again from where I am.

Then I’ll take it off or I’ll leave it here …I’ll do what I feel. For sure I focus on the Joy of Life because this is what I like to celebrate and what I am here to trigger in others.

However know that I have my hard moments. I cry. I have challenges. I feel the pain.

And I keep on choosing Joy. Light. Hope. Desires. Love. Passion. Enthusiasm …

I felt used today.
Used. Beyond the power of my Soul. Used for a rush of physical ardor.
I felt small and unprotected for a moment.

But I am something & someone else.
I am great and full of light.
That was the instant when I was most protected.

In fact, luckily my Being has a strong safety system and the almost immediate response of my Body was to cry.

I felt it like an explosion.
A burst of my Greatness ringing all the alarm bells to stop that situation. Emergency. Emergency.

So it was. It stopped.
I need some time now to process and stay with myself.

Women! We have the power to decide. We are called to be very corageous. When we see Red Flags in our relationships we have the power to move away from them. To choose another way.

I know it can be very hard. It took 40+ years to me to understand it and almost a decade to move from certain situations.

I am asking You:
*How happy are YOU in your love relationship?*
*Are you aligned with your core essence through it or is there something that perpetually scratches your Soul?*

…because when there is it is there for a specific purpose. For us to own our power and move. Into Our Happiness.

That simple.

I’ve choosen myself today.
I’ve said yes to me.
I had to go through a moment of pain to reawaken to MySelf. But I did it.

I believe we should share more and speak up more about our hard times through a language of light. Facing the shadows. Pointing to the lights.

We need to create more Feminine Connection to rise in our power.

Here I am. Humble & Powerful before You.


#EmbodyYourTruth #OwnIt #ShareTheJoy


Coaching and Doula’s Support: Taking an empowering stand.

I started my coaching practice as Pregnancy-ChildBirth-PostPartum Coach & Doula.
These are my fondations.

I supported Mothers to achieve their desired experience of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood
as I believe each Woman has the right to live them as She loves
and because I am passionate about Manifesting!

Although now I have expanded my manifesting coaching
working with people who are committed to their greatness,
I am still active as Coach & Doula with Mothers …AND:
I’ve noticed a pattern!

I am a very committed student and pratictioner of the Manifesting realms
so I’ve decided to take a stand and shift that “old story”
in order to empower myself and therefore my clients …YOU!

In this short video (7 mins) here below I unfold all the details!
Play it now!

Let me know which is your experience in regards of receiving Coaching & Doula’s support.
Have you enjoyed it? Have you consider it? What’s your choice?

To work privately with me during YOUR pregnancy, childbirth and post partum CLICK HERE, now!

Silvia •)O(•