In the transition from May to June I felt an Energy Shift! Spirit Guides were clear with their message and my Priorities simply shifted.

Now THE FOCUS IS ON ART & MY ORACLES, which are an expression of my Art & Intuitive Powers!! I am so delighted to offer You 4 more SPOTS for my INTUITIVE ART SESSIONS 50% OFF!! I enjoy very much these one-on-one calls with You and I have to say that I’ve seen YOU to enjoy them too! There is a part of FUN involved in them beyond Creativity! … and we all need to relax, connect, awaken to our Inner Magick!

During the session you:
– learn a replicable process to create your own intuitive piece of Art
– work with creative & sexual energy AKA Sacral Chakra
– awaken Your Inner Natural Born Artist
– liberate yourself, have some fun, connect to your Creative Source
… and more, also according to the intuitive insights which I will receive as I connect with Your Frequencies and channel custom support for You!
– An Oracle Drawing is also included to seal the session.


I am looking forward to sharing our Sacred, Creative, Intuitive Session!
Offer valid until 11:59pm CET on Sunday, June 6th 2021 or until spots available.
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Breathing the Revolution | Weekly Oracle for May 14th – 20th, 2018

Goodday!! Happy New Week!

What a week we have ahead of us!
Revolution and huge new beginnings are before our eyes!

All this is emphasized by the New Moon in Taurus
and the entrance of Uranus in Taurus too.
Both on the very same day, May 15th!

There’s a lot of cosmic energy swirling around
to concoct unconventional sudden changes in our life!

We need a safe harbour to navigate these powerful waves.
Once more we find it within ourselves.
It comes from the inside and the outside;
it enters and it exists our beings
passing through us and bringing peace; love; balance …

It is our capacity to BREATHE!
Breathing holds the power to liberate us from
the Uranian rebellions we feel burning deep down.

So, let’s take a breath! …and let’s bask in the divine guidance
that the Oracle has to share with us for the week.
This time the cards from my deck The Magick Path, are:
Breath (reversed); Freedom (reversed) and Communication.

Play the video here below now, to receive the full reading!

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Liberate the authentic power of your Heart now!

Let me know how the cards resonate for you
and which insights you’ve got from the oracle’s messages!

Wishing us all a magickal week!
Love You!