Oracle Guidance for June 4th~10th, 2018 | The Ritual of Self Love

Happy New Week!

This time there is an earthly energy
emerging from the oracle reading.

We are ready to give birth!
And this process is going to make us
more terrestrial and grounded.

Whatever it is that we are bringing to the light
(child; projects; desire …) we are also called
to harness our inner treasures to feel safe
and stable as we evolve.

Another magickal spread from my deck The Magick Path
that supports our jouney along this lifepath on Planet Earth!
Enjoy the whole content, play the video below, now!

Of course I LOVE to know how the reading resonate for You!
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Have a brilliant week, my dear!
Oceans of LOVE!


Coaching and Doula’s Support: Taking an empowering stand.

I started my coaching practice as Pregnancy-ChildBirth-PostPartum Coach & Doula.
These are my fondations.

I supported Mothers to achieve their desired experience of Pregnancy, Birth and Motherhood
as I believe each Woman has the right to live them as She loves
and because I am passionate about Manifesting!

Although now I have expanded my manifesting coaching
working with people who are committed to their greatness,
I am still active as Coach & Doula with Mothers …AND:
I’ve noticed a pattern!

I am a very committed student and pratictioner of the Manifesting realms
so I’ve decided to take a stand and shift that “old story”
in order to empower myself and therefore my clients …YOU!

In this short video (7 mins) here below I unfold all the details!
Play it now!

Let me know which is your experience in regards of receiving Coaching & Doula’s support.
Have you enjoyed it? Have you consider it? What’s your choice?

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Silvia •)O(•