Last week I felt called
to share some good
Heartstorming Magick with You
therefore we met in a private call
and we went through
a powerful Heart’s Clearing
to prepare our Heart’s space
to receive more!

During our meeting
the participants
became more aware of their gifts;
experienced more peace & calm;
felt rejuvenated!

I was thrilled and in awe
to witness those transformations
as when we started the call
fear & worries were filling people’s Hearts.
Also we had a super magickal
synchronicity which was the sign
of Divine Presence & Support
always with us!


You know that I share
my Sacred Practices
following the guidance
of my Intuition …

So, for this week
there is a new Heartstorming gathering
in the process to receive
and about exploring the growth
that is available for us
as we surrender to our
inner knowing …


Tomorrow, April 17th 2020, at 4:44 pm Rome
(7:44 am Los Angeles
10:44 am New York
3:44 pm London
0:44 am – April 18th – Sydney)
the call is:
• activate the power of
conscious surrendering;
• amplifying the potency of gratefulness
• and strengthen your capacity to let go.

When you are willing to participate
say YES! to this event:
I’ll send you all the details
so that we can stir some real magick
in the cauldron of this amazing life
we’ve been given!!


The calls are stored in the Heartstorming Ecourse
and are available there for its Students.
There is no recording shared publicly.
I warmly invite You to be present
during them to receive their elixir
or otherwise to join the Heartstorming Experience now
so, beyond them You can benefit of the whole
Heart’s Awakening-Rebirth-Authenticity process!


I feel excited to meet you
and to Heartstorm with You!!




Oracle Guidance for June 11th-17th, 2018 | Indulging in Self Pleasure

Happy New Week!

This is another week of self discovery!
So attuned with the Moon’s phase
– on Wednesday we have the New Moon in Gemini! –
that invites us to go within and to stay in the darkness
…so that we can find the light there!

There is Wisdom and Magick inside us.
These days are an opportunity
to recognize them and become confident with them.

Also there is an encouragement
to harness the deep power of our Sexuality;
to face the potential barriers we may find
when we explore this sacred territory
and to let them go in order to start a new cycle
of profound liberation and self expression!

Oh, I love so much this week’s spread!

All cards are reversed,
so there is still a lot of Feminine Energy emerging.
It’s about being receptive; vulnerable; soft; welcoming …

Times are getting hectic with the upcoming Eclipses Season
therefore we can find our strength to navigate it
in the sweetest, more adaptable parts of ourselves!

Enjoy the whole Oracle Guidance, play the video below NOW!
This time I’ve recorded it with some audience too,
just to add a bit more of fun! 😉

Let me know how the reading resonates with YOU!
It is so interesting to witness your feedbacks and stories;
they truly add value and flavour to my sacred work!

Book Your private reading with me today!

When you desire to go further into the exploration
of Your Hearts potential, join the Heartstorming Experience now:
revolutionize Your life through the energy of LOVE!

Have a fantastic week!