Cheers to the Sacred Union within You!
Cheers to Your Wholeness!

Here we are at the dawn of a brand new month!
It’s MAY DAY!!

We start May celebrating Beltane, the Sacred Union & Marriage of the Feminine with the Masculine! Cards mirror this Energy …we are invited to go deep within to attune with what gives US pleasure first, so that we can enjoy it with someone else, especially our ONE AND ONLY!

The sense of re-union with ourselves and our dearest loved ones is strong. Our Inner Northern Star, the Bright Pure Light of our True Essence, shines intensely to guide us as we share our Truth. We are asked to keep on being loyal with our internal pulses and desires to proceed as smoothly as possible along our Ascension!

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I’d love to know how this message resonates for You!
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Have a beautiful, sweet, pampering May!!

Sending LOVE to you!


GIFTS TO SHARE | Heartstorming for the week of April 22nd-28th, 2019

It has been a couple of months since my latest post
however it has been a very fruitful time on a creative level!

Each week I have produced a new artwork and with it
the divine message emerged too!

As I paint my intuitive, high energy works
I receive messages that I share with You.

My Art becomes a true oracle and I have to say
it has been precise so far with the cosmic energy trends!

I am the product of the product!
In fact when I received the Heartstorming 2 years ago
its process of authenticity awakened my purest core:
to me it is all about being a creative soul, an Artist!

So now, I express my nature with the World!
And I honor the Hearstorming by sharing
the sacred words that come from my crafts.

This week’s painting GIFTS TO SHARE is all about
recognizing the value of the other people’s Presence
in our life as Teachers and Awakeners for our Growth.

We have gifts to share with them as they have for us;
so it is a continuous, precious exchange.

Every encounter is a gift.
Every person is a gift.
Every partner is a gift.

This week (and always) we are encouraged to be grateful
for them and to keep sharing who we are with them
as this process is nurturing and transformative for both of us.

Watch the video here below now!
I introduce to you my new painting and I also couple it
with the Oracle reading for this week!

I warmly invite You to join the Heartstorming path today!
It is time to unleash your purest force;
to share your voice with the world and to embody your Truth boldly!!

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Wishing You an amazing week of communion with those around you!

In Joy,


Feminine: just BE


The more I proceed along my life’s journey, the more Women I meet, the more I see how much we hold on our shoulders.

Why do we do this?

There’s a world of Men out there ready to help us. Happy to see and make us happy.

We just need to allow them to do it. To support us. We just need to allow ourselves to receive support. To surrender to our soft Nature.

As we are soft we allow Men to be strong. So we are both in our essence and there is harmony in this exchange that becomes a sacred dance.

We can take the burden off from our shoulders and allow Men to carry it for us. So that we can just BE.


~ Silvia