How attuned do you feel to today’s Moon Phase?
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It is happening in just 10 minutes!
At 6:47pm CET today we celebrate the Last Quarter of this Moon Cycle at 20° Taurus!

We are at the second crossroad of this lunar month and we are now in between two Worlds:

  1. We look back at the past 3 weeks:
    What is still useful to our growth? Keep It!
    What is now useless? Let it go!
  2. We start becoming clearer with our new commitments/desires for the next cycle.
  3. We declutter to prepare the space for the new and we keep ourselves grounded in the Present moment!

That’s it for this synchronization!
They seem three ease steps but they can be quite intense!

So I leave it up to You …and I’d LOVE to know how you are navigating these days and which emotions you are feeling!
Comment below!

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Before to say goodbye …
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LOVE & MoonBlessings






Here we are to the second and final part
of this short 2 video series
to honor & harness the Power of the Closure!


Today’s the very last day of this Moon Cycle so,
after the reviewing with an open Heart
that we went through yesterday,
now we definitely seal this part of the journey!


Keyword is SURRENDER!!


Detach from any activity (whenever possible)
and go with the flow,
let Cosmos & Your Inner Self to speak to You!!


This is the time to RECEIVE Guidance,
even the Oracle reinforced the message!
Just make sure to be truly committed to Your path!!


This is a little part of all the Magickal Work
we do in Talismoon Membership,
Your Sacred Place to be each week of the cycle
to reconnect to your True Essence & Creative Power!!


Doors will be closed tomorrow!!
I’m looking forward to cocreating with You!!



Weekly Oracle | Staying in the Room of Darkness – April 16th~22nd, 2018

Blessed New Week!

This bunch of days starts with a very powerful New Moon in Aries,
that adds an extra touch of Magick to the whole story we are embodying!

In the evolutionary process of our blooming as Human Beings
the attention focuses on transitioning from the darkness to the light.

As we do when we come to the World.

During our Birth we pass from the penumbra of our Mothers’ Wombs
to the light of the extrauterine environment.
So we are re-birthing ourselves from the obscurity of our inner depths
to the light of our brightest version!

What an amazing work of Art!
In this week’s oracle video we explore such topics and more!
Play it NOW for the divine guidance!

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Much Love for a fiery new week!
Silvia •)O(•



Feminine Energy’s risign from the Emotional Depth! Oracle Guidance for March 5th ~ 11th, 2018

Happy New Week!

I love this week’s Oracle! I feel it was needed!

Both cards are reversed so the bring up protection …slow down the pace to assess the path and aknowledge what we have in order to move faster when we touch base with our inner magick!

Even though the two cards are different they highlight the same concept: Emotions is the keyword for these days.

How is it going for You? I’d love to know!
Are you attuned with your Feminine side? Are you allowing wealth to enter your existence? Are you soft and receptive? Do you FEEL with confidence, without any shame?

WOW! Great questions!

The Oracle clearly invites to dedicate time to nurture The Feminine and dive into our Emotional Depths.

To unfold the whole weekly message of wisdom, play the video here below now !

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I wish you a sweet week!
Let me know how this reading touched you.
I love connecting with you and listening to your comments.

Silvia )O(